Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Part II - Oops, I Got Sidetracked Again.

Discussion in 'Geek Emporium' started by Afino, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Champion's Tunic is the best armour I believe, you get it by finding the first memory. Upgrading it can be a pain without an online guide though.

    Certain sets have bonuses when each piece is at least level 2 (so you have to find 2 fairy fountains): the climbing set and swimming sets are well worth the upgrades to level 2.

    Find a combination that you think looks cool and just upgrade those without worrying about the others. I like wearing the Hood with the Champion's Tunic along the Rito Boots. Almost all the armour pieces have identical defense value.
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    Beat the game on Master Mode. Didn't do all the shrines this time around, but did just over 100 plus all the memories plus all four divine beasts plus the Maz Koshia DLC. Essentially the only things that I haven't done are collect all the Korok Seeds (lolno) or complete Trial of the Sword.

    And despite the fact that I'm about 265 total hours of gameplay in, I'm still not tired of this game. Might take a step away and play catchup on other games on my backlog. Eventually.

    Official. This is my favorite game of all time. Sorry, Chrono Trigger. Your reign on top for me is finally at an end.
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    Best armor really depends on what you are doing and which bonuses you want.

    Champions tunic has the best individual defense value, true.

    But Soldiers Armor, Wild Set, and Ancient Armor also have very high defense, and the latter two also give bonuses.

    Best overall I think is the upgraded Ancient Set coupled with Ancient weapons. That way you get very high defense value AND a huge boost to your attack power AND added defense against ancient enemies.

    Of course, you’ll want to upgrade everything because some situations call for different armor. Sometimes you’ll want to be fireproof, unfreezable, or shockproof and you’ll want to pick the appropriate armor. Sometimes you’ll want to swim up a waterfall or climb faster and farther or run quiet or fast at night, so you’ll pick the Zora or Climbing or Stealth armor.

    They’re all good in different situations. The Sand Boots and Snow Boots are often useful. I even find Ravio’s Hood useful sometimes. So upgrade all the ones you can.
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    This is kinda what I figured, I love this game but might be getting a little bit of game fatigue. I have done 2 beasts and a ton of shrines and I feel like I am itching to sorta finish the main story at this point, even though I havent upgraded much of the armor, just my soldiers/flame/climbing/stealth gear I haven't even done any of the labryinths yet either.

    It usually happens to me in games like this even though I love them, I get a bit burnt out with so much damn stuff you can do. Happened to me in Skyrim too, still never finished the main quest.

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