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Discussion in 'Soccer' started by les Habs, May 24, 2019.

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    I'll comment on everyone's teams a bit here based on what's been posted not that anyone cares. All of this is constructive.

    I actually don't like that diamond. If I had your squad I'd go with a 4-3-3. I'd put Sarr on the left, Benzema in the middle and slot Dybala out right thought slightly inside. Then in midfield I'd have Isco with De Bruyne and Verratti as anchor. Then swap out Lenglet and put Martinez there. That for me would be a much better use of your players and I think Isco would be a notable improvement over Gundogan.

    I think I'd prescribe a 4-3-3 here as well. I'd sit one of Goetze or Goretzka and you could put in Mueller, Hudson-Odoi, Vinicius Jr or Jesus. Whoever you choose, and I think this means you don't go with Vinicius Jr, I'd put Bale on the left.

    Again with the diamond, though for you I think it works much better. Your fullbacks will provide better width than those of other sides with this formation as well. Still I think you're missing some width in the long run and if your side is relying on the fullbacks for depth that leaves your CBs a bit vulnerable considering who they are. Either way I'd consider starting Upamecano with Pique. Ovearll though it's kind of funny because you quietly picked a good team.

    My first take is that your team needs a trade. I think you could use some wide players and instead of Firmino you might have picked a wide player since you already had Mbappe'. I'd also consider starting Aouar considering who you have in midfield. Question is who do you drop? I'm torn between Partey and Pjanic, but I'm not a fan of the latter who I think is overrated. Generally though I think your formation makes sense with what you've got.

    You've got some serious talent here with Neymar, Lewandowski, Thiago and Marquinhos. There's more than than with guys like Mendy, Silva and De Gea, but you've got some injuries, age and form to consider with them. Like I said earlier, I'd have taken your Mendy over mine, but I think the injuries need to be taken into serious account at this stage. And I took Conti in the past too, but he's hardly played since. You've got some good players for the future as well. I think I'd consider a double pivot were I you and I'd have tried to get a better option for your right wing.

    For me it's less about your team and more about the picks you made. You started out really well, but then sort of lost me with the Reus and Werner picks which I think could have waited or been better. Perhaps Pepe or Benzema would have been better options. Of course people tell me that about Felix and whoever else and I disagree with them so take it for it's worth. You've got quite the collection of midfield talent that I wonder if you might have traded some of it to improve elsewhere and considering who your midfielders are I could see a double pivot with Van de Beek in front of them.
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    Can't believe Blind wasn't picked after the year he just had. Just further states how ridiculously underrated he is.
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    Thanks. I went with the diamond pretty early, when I drafted Cavani in the 3rd round. I did have Upamecano penciled in to start with Pique but then Boateng was still available quite late on.

    Could be wrong but don't think everyone took 2 GKs. 23 were picked if I can count.

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