The Visitor's Guide to Boston

Visitors guide to Boston
  1. Fenway
    The capital and largest city of Massachusetts, in the eastern part of the state on Boston Bay, an arm of Massachusetts Bay. Founded in the 17th century, it was a leading center of agitation against England in the 18th century and a stronghold of abolitionist thought in the 19th century. Today it is a major commercial, financial, and educational hub. Population: 591,000

    Map of Boston:

    This map is your guide to anything in Boston. Looking for the T, colleges, or museums? Look here! Looking for a list of only 24 hour businesses? This is the place! How about a bike map? Or the Freedom Trail? This includes those as well. Click away: http://

    Also, interested in a specific part,activity, landmark, or place in Boston? Search it on GoogleMaps, here: http://

    In need of tickets?

    For Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and New England Patriots Tickets, Try:




    http:// d=3568239






    Want to check out your view from the seats?

    Click here:


    Parking Near the Garden: (Bruins/Celtics)

    **There is parking underneath the Garden. It is convienient before the game, to park and just head up to the ice/court, however the spaces are very narrow, the crew makes you back into a spot, and leaving after is nearly always a hassel. Not my personal favorite place, but the garage under the Garden is available.**

    Government Center Parking Garage

    $25.00 during events, hourly rates apply during non-event hours.

    "Our central location is just steps from the TD Garden, Boston’s Historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market, the North End, Suffolk University, the Bulfinch Triangle and City Hall Plaza."

    Address: 50 New Sudbury Street, Boston, MA, 02114

    For Step by Step directions to Government Center Parking Garage, click here: Boston Parking Map, Boston Parking Garage Locations and Directions –

    Basketball City Parking Garage

    $25.00 during events, hourly rates apply during non-event hours.

    35 Lomasney Way
    Boston, MA 02114

    For Step by Step directions to Basketball City, click here:

    Parking near Fenway Park: (Red Sox)

    **Parking near Fenway can be tricky. The following link will be your best guide. It lists the name of each parking garage, its location on a map, the address it is located, and the rates at which you pay to park there.

    For a complete listing of parking garages near Fenway park, please click: Parking at Fenway Park

    Getting To Boston, and getting around:

    Flying in?

    Check out Logan International Airport:

    Amtrak User?


    Your guide to the T:


    Renting a car?

    Logan airport has many car rental companies for you to choose from!

    In need of air, car rental and hotel assistance?

    Book through:




    The weather in Boston:

    Up to date current forecast, daily forecast, seven day forecast, and all details include water temperature and pollen count. Boston weather can be tricky, come prepared!


    Places to Stay in Boston

    Bulfinch Hotel
    Located .5 miles from the TD Garden

    107 Merrimac Street
    Boston, MA 02114


    Residence Inn Boston Harbor on Tudor Wharf Located .5 miles from the TD Garden

    34-44 Charles River Avenue
    Boston, MA 02129


    Omni Parker House
    Located .6 miles from TD Garden

    60 School Street
    Boston, MA 02108


    Located .7 miles from TD Garden

    Boston, MA 02114


    *For a complete listing of Boston Hotels, please visit


    Places to Eat in Boston

    Located .1 mile from TD Garden

    90 N Washington St
    Boston, MA 02114

    For Menus/Pricing, click here: - is for sale (Nebo Pizzeria)

    Joe Tecces Restauraunt and Café
    Located .1 Miles away from TD Garden

    61 N Washington St
    Boston, MA 02114

    For menus and pricing, click here:

    Sports Grille Boston
    Located .1 miles from TD Garden

    132 Canal St
    Boston, MA 02114

    For menus and Pricing, click here: http://

    Boston Beer Works
    Located .1 miles from TD Garden

    112 Canal St
    Boston, MA 02114

    For menu and Pricing, click here: beerworks

    Located .1 miles from TD Garden:

    166 Canal St
    Boston, MA 02114

    For menus and pricing: http://


    The Original:

    84 Beacon Street
    Boston, Massachusetts 02108

    The Replica:
    Faneuil Hall Marketplace
    Quincy Market, South
    Boston, Massachusetts 02109

    Cheers Restauraunt offers a coupon for 5$ off your total bill by clicking here:


    Out of town people's first question typically relates to Mike's Pastry.

    Mike's Pastry:

    "Through these doors
    begins the extraordinary story of a world-renowned legend
    from Boston's "Little Italy", the North End."

    300 Hanover St
    Boston, Massachusetts 02113
    (617) 742-3050

    Open Mon-Tue,Sun 8am-10pm; Wed-Thu 8am-10:30pm; Fri-Sat 8am-11:30pm

    To start drooling over the cannolis and baked goods tourists rave about before you even arrive, please click: Home - Mike's Pastry

    For a complete listing of Restaurants and Cafes, please visit:

    Bars in Boston

    **The Fours, The Boston Sports Grille, and Boston Beer Works are all bars, in addition to restaurants**

    Hurricane O’Riellys

    150 Canal Street
    Boston, MA 02114-1805


    Sullivan’s Tap

    168 Canal St
    (between Causeway St & Traverse St)
    Boston, MA 02114

    The Penalty Box

    65 Causeway
    (between Lancaster St & Portland St)
    Boston, MA 02114

    For a complete listing of Bars in Boston, please visit: http:// garden

    Things to do in Boston

    The Duck Tours:

    "Boston Duck Tours is a great way to start off your visit to Boston. We give you a great overview of the city, show you many unique neighborhoods and splash you into the Charles River for a breathtaking view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines"

    For more info and tickets, please visit:

    Sports Related Fun

    -Explore the Boston Sports Trail:

    "Includes: Fenway Park, Boston Garden, Sports Museum, Boston Athletic Association, Boston Public Library, Matthews Arena, Bleacher Bar, Agganis Arena, Cabot Physical Education Center"


    -Fenway Park Tours:

    • NON-GAME DAYS: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily; tours run every hour on the hour until 4 p.m.
    • GAME DAYS: 9 a.m. - three and a half hours prior to game time; tours run every hour on the hour until three and a half hours prior to game time
    • Adults: $12.00
    • Seniors: $11.00
    • Children (3-15): $10.00
    • Group tours are available (minimum of 40 people). Please contact the tour office at 617-226-6666 for more information."

    -New England Sports Museum:
    The Sports Museum is located in the TD Banknorth Garden. This museums aim is to showcase the wealth of sports history New England has to offer.

    Museum Related Fun

    Museum of Science

    "This interactive museum is sure to be fun for the whole family! From hands on exhibits to the planetarium, there is an endless amount of fun to be had".


    Museum of Fine Arts:

    "From ground-breaking exhibits to state-of-the-art galleries the MFA has it all. From one of the world's largest Asian art collection to Egyptian mummies, the MFA has something for all visitors".


    The Freedom Trail:

    "One can take a self-guided tour or one of the many tours available through the Boston Common Visitors Center at 148 Tremont Street or the Bostix Booth located at Faneuil Hall. If you prefer to ride, you can pay for one of the trolley tours, which are unofficial guided tours, but do take the rider to many of the sites along the Trail and allow one to disembark at selected stops".


    The New England Aquarium

    1 Central Wharf
    Boston, MA 02110


    For a complete list of Museums, please visit:


    Shopping in Boston

    Downtown Crossing:

    "It is here, in the bustling fast-paced financial district, that you will find a full range of national department stores, boutiques and pushcarts."


    Faneuil Hall:

    "Here you will find over 40 pushcart eateries and 17 restaurants. Aside from the world class food, you can also find great shopping."

    Newbury Street:

    "World renowned shopping in some of Boston's most chic and fashionable stores".


    **A bit further than Boston, but worth visiting:

    Patriots Place:

    "Shop. Dine. Enjoy. -There is something for everyone."

    "Adjacent to Gillette Stadium, Patriot Place features more than 1.3 million square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

    You will find major fashion retailers, live and interactive entertainment, eateries, a four-star hotel, state of the art theatre and much, much more.

    There is something for everyone at Patriot Place... a once in a lifetime experience, every day!

    Patriot Place hours of operation:
    10:00am - 9:00pm Monday-Saturday
    10:00am - 7:00pm Sunday"

    For more details on Patriots Place, please visit: http://

    For a complete listing of Shopping in Boston, please visit:

    Colleges in Boston:

    Only you know what you are looking for when it comes to your future campus. Opinions of others are great, but your best bet is to view the campus yourself and read about each school's ammentities on their home pages. Listed below are a few links to the schools most often questioned, and also a link to a site recommended by a fellow HF user. (Hoss75)

    Boston College::http://
    Boston University:http://
    Suffolk University:http://

    The Princeton Review:

    The Princeton Review is a webpage that allows students to search schools, compare schools, use tools such as SAT/PSAT preperation, find books, prepare students for undergrad or grad school and even has tools and tips useful for parents.

    Check it out for yourself at: http://

    Other Fun Things to Touch Upon

    Going to the Garden:

    -Doors open an hour before game time, i.e., 6:00 for a 7:00 game, 12:00 for a 1:00 game, etc.
    -Warm ups are open to anyone, and you can get as close to the ice as you want until game time in which you will forced to go to your assigned seat.
    -The TD Garden does not serve alcohol to anyone under 25 with an out of state ID.
    -The proshop is located on the same level as the train station in the Garden, before going up the stairs/escalators to enter tha game. It is open before and after the game on all game days, and business hours on non-game days.
    -Bruins practices in Wilmington are typically opened to the Public, unless otherwise noted.

    Understanding the language:

    barrel - a trash can, garbage can
    blinkahs - automobile directional signals[34]
    Bubblah – drinking fountain.
    Bulls**t - has a second meaning of "very angry"
    clam diggers - short pants worn in the summer time
    "clickah/channel changer" - a television remote control
    frappe (pronounced /fræp/) – 'a blend of ice cream, milk, and syrup (In Boston milkshake refers to a concoction without ice cream, but merely with milk blended with flavored syrup by shaking.
    grindah - a baked submarine sandwich... NOT the equivalent of a toasted sub
    hub - Boston
    jimmies – 'chocolate ice cream sprinkles'/ rainbow jimmies - colored ice cream sprinkles
    packie – liquor store (from "package store")[42]
    pissah - means something akin to "great" either realistically or sarcastically.
    rotary – 'traffic circle
    Staties - Massachusetts State Troopers
    wicked - 'very', in the extreme; as in 'wicked pissa' meaning 'very good'.

    Moving to Boston? A few things to Consider:

    -You should not recognize the letter “R” as a part of the English language.
    - You know what a “regular” coffee is.
    -You should keep an ice scraper in your car year-round.
    - You should learn to tell the difference between a Revere accent and a Dorchester accent.
    - You should know how to pronounce the names of towns like Worcester, Billerica, Gloucester, and Haverhill.
    -You should know how to pronounce Yastrzemski. 20. You order iced coffee in January
    - You should know what they sell at a Packie.
    -You should kbnow what First Night is.
    -The words ‘WICKED’ and ‘GOOD’ go together.
    -You should own a “Yankees Suck” shirt or Hat.
    -You should know what a frappe is.
    -You should be able to complete the Following: “Lynn, Lynn…”
    -You should know how to merge from 6 lanes of traffic to 1.
    -You should know that Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens are more evil than Whitey Buldger.
    -You are expected to know who Whitey Bulger is.

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