Bruins vs Maple Leafs - An older Bruins fan's perspective

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    When I was a teenager growing up in Boston the Bruins were the laughing stock of the NHL as they failed to make the playoffs from the 1959-60 season thru 1966-67. Toronto at the same time was a dynasty, and I can remember listening to games on the radio with my Dad from CBL 740 Toronto. The highlight of that era came when the Bruins beat the Leafs 11-0 at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1964,


    The Bruins have not lost a playoff series to Toronto since 1959 but that is partly due to the Leafs playing in the Western Conference for many years. The worst hurt Toronto put on Boston happened in 1976.

    5 years ago was the last time the Bruins and Leafs met in the postseason and the late Dave Strader said it was the most memorable hockey game he ever called.

    The reality is the Leafs have not hurt the Bruins since 1959 but that could change in the next 2 weeks.

    But there is one thing Bruins and Leafs fans can cherish the next 2 weeks - fans from Poutineville were not invited to the dance this year.

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