Visiting Minnesota? Everything you need to know here!

  1. llamapalooza
    Intro - The Twin Cities: Yes! There are two of them!
    - Minneapolis vs. St. Paul
    - "Minnesota Nice" and the myth of the passive fan

    About the X
    - Arena Location
    - Getting There
    - Seats & Tickets

    Where to Stay
    (Any Thoughts? I'll mention the St. Paul if they're extravagantly wealthy, but I don't really know St. Paul's hotels other than that.)

    Where to Eat
    - Best Burger (hotly contested)
    --- Jucy Lucy Controversy (I <3 Matt's)
    - Best Pizza/Italian (Cosetta?)
    - Best Poutine (gotta be Burger Jones)
    - Best "fancy food" (suggestions?)
    - Hockey bars (suggestions?)
    - Apologies for our lack of Tim Hortons

    What to Do
    (This seems like an easier list to make for the offseason when there's more stuff going on... I mean I guess we can mention the Mall? Some of the theaters and museums, maybe. First Ave?)

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