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    This is the second in a series on where visiting hockey fans can get comfort food when traveling to another city to cheer on their team. Last month we took a look at Buffalo, NY.

    Montréal has an excellent public transportation network of subway (Metro) and buses and Uber is a popular option. The 24 hour unlimited transit pass is a fine value.

    Montréal is famous for its smoked meat sandwiches and locals fiercely debate where you can get the best sandwich. Here are my personal favorites.

    Schwartz's (Charcuterie Hebraique de Montréal) 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard - (514) 842-4813 CASH ONLY - is the best known and it can get very crowded on weekends Celine Dion is one of the owners.

    They also serve poutine there but I would go with the smoked meat. We will discuss poutine options later.

    Directly across the street is their biggest rival, the Main Deli Steak House, 3864 Saint Laurent Boulevard ( 514-843-8126) Accepts credit and debit cards - is the preferred choice of many locals.


    Lester's Deli, 1057 Avenue Bernard, Outremont (514 213-1313 Accepts credit and debit cards) is a personal favorite but is a little further away from downtown and closes at 9 PM and all day Sunday


    Dunn's Famous, 1249 Rue Metcalfe (514-395-1927 - Accepts credit, debit cards) is the closest to Centre Bell and never closes but I have found it to be inconsistent compared to the other 3 places mentioned.



    It seems every fast food place in the city offers poutine in one form or another. Here are two places that locals have told me about.

    La Banquise, 994 rue Rachel Est (514 525 2415 - Accepts credit and debit cards - Open 24 hours ) can offer you poutine in its most basic form or exotic creations you would never dream of.


    Poutineville, 1365 Ontario Est ( 514-419-5444 - Accepts credit and debit cards ) To name your restaurant with the word poutine in Montreal you have to be very confident in your product.



    I am only writing about one location as it is the only place I will go for breakfast in Montréal.

    Beauty's Luncheonette, 93 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest (514-849-8883 - Accepts credit and debit cards- Open until 3 during the week, 4 PM weekends ) If you want to get a feel for what it is like to live in Montréal go here,


    These are my recommendations after many years of going to Montréal for Bruins games. I'm sure the locals from the Canadiens board will offer more suggestions.

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