Has Anyone Else Found These Games to be Just...Off?

  1. Cloned
    Throughout these entire Games, there was something “off” about them that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on.

    Whether it was poor/weird scheduling or time zone differences, they just never felt like an actual Olympic Games to me. The Games are supposed to be big, bold, important, climactic. These Games have kind of just been there in the background and - to me at least - have been one of the quietest, least attention-grabbing in recent memory.

    I don’t think it’s solely due to the time difference because Sochi and London didn’t feel this way. Maybe it’s due to the oddly spaced scheduling where nothing happened for large swaths of time. At any rate, to me these have felt more like I’m watching a dress rehearsal for the Games, or a smaller competition like the Canada Games. No disrespect intended to those types of events, but the Olympics are supposed to feel bigger and these two weeks haven’t felt that way at all.

    Canada sets a record for most medals in its history and it’s barely a blip registered.

    Is it just me?

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