Which Events and Sports Should be Included in the Winter Olympics?

  1. saskriders
    What sports and events that are not in the Winter Olympics do you think should be added?

    First a few quick notes:

    The IOC defines the following:

    Sport: All events operated by a governing body (ex. skating)
    Discipline: Basically what we would call a sport in everyday language (ex. short track speed skating)
    Event: A single medal event (ex. Men's 500m)

    Getting a new sport in would be most difficult, as the IOC would need to recognize the governing body
    New disciplines and events are regularly added to the program

    The 2022 Olympics have not confirmed any new events or sports, but the ones being considered are:

    -Women's competitions in Nordic Combined
    -Mixed Team Ski Jumping
    -Big Air (freestyle skiing)
    -Natural Luge Track (singles)
    -Women's Doubles Luge
    -Luge sprint (singles and doubles)

    Here is a list of all the remaining winter sports and events at world championships run by IOC recognized governing bodies that I could find:

    Climbing and Mountaineering
    (showcases have been held ahead of the 2014 and 2018 Olympics, they are trying to be a demonstration at 2020 Youth Olympics, and a sport at the 2022 Olympics)

    Disciplines: Ice Climbing
    Events: Speed, Lead

    Speed: Win a race against a competitor

    Lead (Not clear on how this works, a set course with a time limit. Must be some sort of judging involved???)

    (A quick search shows that the IOF has made attempts in the past to include it in the Olympics, but not much recent info is out there)

    Disciplines: Ski Orienteering
    Events: Long, Middle, Sprint, Relay, Mixed Sprint Relay

    Cross country ski to a bunch of points given on a map (in the right order) without any trails defined

    Ski Mountaineering

    (Will have competitions at the 2020 youth olympics)

    Ski a course that has uphill and downhill portions, and even portions that require you to take off the skis and carry them

    Events: Team, Individual (2020 YOG), Sprint (2020 YOG), Relay (2020 YOG), Vertical

    Ski Mountaineering - World Championship 2017 Team Race

    ISMF Skimountaineering World Cup 2016 - Font Blanca - Vertical Race


    Doubles and Team events on Natural Track

    Nordic Combined

    Team - Normal Hill

    Freestyle Skiing

    Dual Moguls


    Parallel Slalom
    Snowboard Cross Team

    Ski Jumping

    Ski Flying

    Alpine Skiing

    Telemark Skiing (Sprint, Parallel Sprint, Classic, Giant Slalom)

    Speed Skiing

    Speed Skating


    Short Track Speed Skating


    Figure Skating

    Synchronized Skating

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