Goalie Z-Score

Dominik Hasek is (as expected) by this metric the most dominant regular season goalie ever, with 7 straight seasons in Top 100. Although Hasek's...
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    Hi there,

    I've compiled the data about goalies regular season Z-Score (# of standard deviations above the mean), because I couldn't find it on the internet or here on forums (it seems that some data was lost in migration). Z-Score is IMHO the best tool for measuring goalie dominance over his peers.


    Calculate season weighted (goalies facing more games are more significant to the result) mean sv%, measured goalie excluded:

    X' = Sum1..N(Wi * Xi)/Sum1..N(Wi)

    Xi - Save percentage
    Wi - Shots against
    N - number of goalies playing at least one game, measured goalie excluded

    Calculate season weighted standard deviation. Again measured goalie excluded:

    SD = sqrt(Sum1..N(Wi * (Xi - X')^2) / (((N-1)/N) * Sum1..N(Wi)))

    X' - Weighted mean
    Xi - Save percentage
    Wi - Shots against
    N - number of goalies playing at least one game, measured goalie excluded

    Calculate goalie Z-Score

    Z-Score = (X - X') / SD

    X - goalie Sv%
    X' - weighted mean Sv%
    SD - weighted standard deviation

    Season data:
    SeasonNumber of GoaliesMeanStandard deviationGoalies with Top 100 seasons
    1956-1957100.91120.01204Glenn Hall
    1958-1959160.90550.01402Jacques Plante
    1962-1963150.90780.00978Glenn Hall
    1963-1964150.91620.01319Johnny Bower
    1964-1965120.90850.01166Glenn Hall
    1967-1968310.90950.01473Johnny Bower, Bruce Gamble
    1968-1969380.90820.01439Glenn Hall
    1969-1970340.91190.01226Tony Esposito
    1970-1971410.90320.01898Jacques Plante
    1971-1972410.90250.01899Tony Esposito, Ken Dryden
    1972-1973450.89590.0175Ken Dryden
    1973-1974490.89590.01974Tony Esposito, Bernie Parent
    1974-1975510.89030.02046Rogie Vachon, Bernie Parent
    1975-1976530.88980.01904Glenn Resch, Ken Dryden
    1976-1977530.89060.01758Glenn Resch, Ken Dryden
    1977-1978530.88880.01927Tony Esposito, Ken Dryden
    1978-1979500.88250.01997Glenn Resch, Ken Dryden, Mike Palmateer
    1979-1980690.88240.01584Tony Esposito
    1981-1982660.87290.0182Grant Fuhr, Billy Smith
    1982-1983670.87540.01829Billy Smith, Pete Peeters, Murray Bannerman, Roland Melanson
    1983-1984690.87320.01767Billy Smith
    1984-1985660.87460.01533Pelle Lindbergh
    1985-1986680.87410.01894Bob Froese, Kelly Hrudey
    1986-1987630.87980.0136Ron Hextall
    1987-1988630.87960.01317Patrick Roy, Kelly Hrudey
    1988-1989670.87900.01447Jon Casey, Mike Vernon, Patrick Roy
    1989-1990700.88070.01705Daren Puppa, Patrick Roy
    1990-1991770.88600.0160Patrick Roy, Ed Belfour
    1991-1992730.88810.0141Curtis Joseph, Bob Essensa, John Vanbiesbrouck, Patrick Roy
    1992-1993710.88490.01558Curtis Joseph, Ed Belfour, Felix Potvin
    1993-1994790.89500.01876John Vanbiesbrouck, Dominik Hasek
    1994-1995680.90050.01433Dominik Hasek
    1995-1996780.89840.01582Daren Puppa, Dominik Hasek
    1996-1997760.90470.01475Jeff Hackett, Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy
    1997-1998730.90620.0124Tom Barrasso, Dominik Hasek
    1998-1999850.90770.0132Byron Dafoe, Ron Tugnutt, Dominik Hasek
    2000-2001880.90320.01428Sean Burke, Roman Cechmanek, Mike Dunham
    2001-2002890.90770.01159Patrick Roy, Jose Theodore
    2002-2003910.90880.01428Marty Turco, Dwayne Roloson
    2003-2004940.91090.01328Dwayne Roloson, Roberto Luongo
    2005-2006890.90120.01436Henrik Lundqvist, Miikka Kiprusoff, Manny Fernandez, Tomas Vokoun, Dominik Hasek
    2006-2007840.90520.01399Niklas Backstrom, Chris Mason
    2008-2009890.90840.01296Tomas Vokoun, Tim Thomas
    2009-2010830.91120.01162Tuukka Rask, Ryan Miller
    2010-2011870.91280.01362Tim Thomas, Pekka Rinne
    2011-2012880.91350.01233Mike Smith, Henrik Lundqvist, Jonathan Quick
    2013-2014970.91380.01302Tuukka Rask
    2014-2015920.91460.01312Carey Price
    2015-2016920.91480.01054Brian Elliott
    2016-2017940.91340.01162Sergei Bobrovsky
    2017-2018950.91220.01195Marc-Andre Fleury, Antti Raanta, Pekka Rinne
    Seasonal data (minimum 40 games):
    1Dominik Hasek1998-19990.9366642.4150Vezina
    2Jacques Plante1970-19710.9437402.4050
    3Dominik Hasek1994-19950.9303412.2944Vezina
    4Dominik Hasek1997-19980.9315722.2749Hart, Vezina, Pearson
    5Jose Theodore2001-20020.9310672.1778Hart, Vezina
    6Ken Dryden1975-19760.9266622.1320Retro Vezina
    7Glenn Resch1975-19760.9275442.1279
    8Patrick Roy1988-19890.9078482.1212Vezina, Jennings
    9Bernie Parent1973-19740.9322732.1013Retro Vezina
    10Glenn Hall1956-19570.9280702.0830
    11Patrick Roy1991-19920.9141671.9992Vezina, Jennings
    12Tim Thomas2008-20090.9327541.9760Vezina, Jennings
    13Tim Thomas2010-20110.9381571.9648Vezina
    14Patrick Roy1989-19900.9119541.9603Vezina
    15Rogie Vachon1974-19750.9269541.9558
    16Dominik Hasek1993-19940.9297581.9533Vezina, Jennings
    17Roland Melanson1982-19830.9092441.9522Jennings
    18Bob Froese1985-19860.9086511.9296Jennings
    19Jacques Plante1958-19590.9251671.9204Retro Vezina
    20Ken Dryden1972-19730.9264541.9132Retro Vezina
    21Bruce Gamble1967-19680.9343411.8728
    22Tony Esposito1969-19700.9318631.8695Retro Vezina
    23Tony Esposito1973-19740.9286701.8497Retro Vezina
    24Johnny Bower1967-19680.9341431.8470
    25Dominik Hasek1996-19970.9297671.8220Hart, Vezina, Pearson
    26Ken Dryden1977-19780.9215521.8160Retro Vezina
    27Curtis Joseph1992-19930.9109681.7984
    28Tuukka Rask2009-20100.9312451.7780
    29Tony Esposito1971-19720.9339481.7766Retro Vezina
    30Kelly Hrudey1985-19860.9057451.7654
    31Ken Dryden1976-19770.9196561.7651Retro Vezina
    32Billy Smith1982-19830.9059411.7453Jennings
    33Niklas Backstrom2006-20070.9289411.7406Jennings
    34Pelle Lindbergh1984-19850.8992651.7294Vezina
    35Ron Hextall1986-19870.9015661.7217Vezina
    36Dominik Hasek2005-20060.9251431.7186
    37Marty Turco2002-20030.9323551.7119
    38Dwayne Roloson2003-20040.9327481.7017
    39Curtis Joseph1991-19920.9103601.6830
    40Glenn Resch1978-19790.9141431.6769
    41Bob Essensa1991-19920.9104471.6602
    42Felix Potvin1992-19930.9097481.6595
    43John Vanbiesbrouck1993-19940.9241571.6311
    44Sergei Bobrovsky2016-20170.9314631.6237Vezina
    45John Vanbiesbrouck1991-19920.9098451.6044
    46Ken Dryden1971-19720.9300641.6043
    47Pete Peeters1982-19830.9032631.6036Vezina
    48Patrick Roy1987-19880.8998451.6012Jennings
    49Ed Belfour1990-19910.9097741.5852Vezina, Jennings
    50Glenn Resch1976-19770.9170461.5794
    51Roberto Luongo2003-20040.9305721.5667
    52Ryan Miller2009-20100.9285691.5621Vezina
    53Patrick Roy2001-20020.9251631.5613Jennings
    54Miikka Kiprusoff2005-20060.9226741.5598Vezina, Jennings
    55Martin Brodeur1996-19970.9265671.5444Jennings
    56Antti Raanta2017-20180.9301471.5409
    57Jeff Hackett1996-19970.9265411.5234
    58Jon Casey1988-19890.8997551.4977
    59Carey Price2014-20150.9334661.4948Hart, Vezina, Jennings, Ted Linday
    60Glenn Hall1968-19690.9283411.4865Retro Vezina
    61Henrik Lundqvist2005-20060.9218531.4794
    62Chris Mason2006-20070.9252401.4729
    63Brian Elliott2015-20160.9299421.4647
    64Byron Dafoe1998-19990.9261681.4547
    65Glenn Hall1964-19650.9230411.4545
    66Murray Bannerman1982-19830.9008411.4456
    67Bernie Parent1974-19750.9181681.4402Retro Vezina
    68Grant Fuhr1981-19820.8978481.4332
    69Billy Smith1981-19820.8979461.4300Vezina
    70Mike Palmateer1978-19790.9091581.4284
    71Tony Esposito1977-19780.9144641.4276
    72Dominik Hasek1995-19960.9199591.4250
    73Mike Smith2011-20120.9303671.4228
    74Johnny Bower1963-19640.9319511.4081
    75Ed Belfour1992-19930.9058711.4063Vezina, Jennings
    76Ken Dryden1978-19790.9092471.3961Retro Vezina
    77Mike Dunham2000-20010.9225481.3928
    78Tomas Vokoun2008-20090.9256591.3731
    79Henrik Lundqvist2011-20120.9298621.3684Vezina
    80Ron Tugnutt1998-19990.9253431.3658
    81Tony Esposito1979-19800.9027691.3611
    82Daren Puppa1989-19900.9029561.3607
    83Sean Burke2000-20010.9219621.3591
    84Billy Smith1983-19840.8962421.3489
    85Roman Cechmanek2000-20010.9214591.3127
    86Tomas Vokoun2005-20060.9193611.3069
    87Daren Puppa1995-19960.9183571.3003
    88Patrick Roy1996-19970.9231621.3001
    89Patrick Roy1990-19910.9060481.2991
    90Manny Fernandez2005-20060.9193581.2975
    91Marc-Andre Fleury2017-20180.9273461.2960
    92Pekka Rinne2017-20180.9271591.2896Vezina
    93Glenn Hall1962-19630.9181661.2822Retro Vezina
    94Mike Vernon1988-19890.8970521.2812
    95Tom Barrasso1997-19980.9215631.2770
    96Tuukka Rask2013-20140.9299581.2753Vezina
    97Dwayne Roloson2002-20030.9265501.2751
    98Pekka Rinne2010-20110.9296641.2720
    99Kelly Hrudey1987-19880.8957471.2711
    100Jonathan Quick2011-20120.9286691.2666
    Most represented:
    7[Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek]
    6[Ken Dryden]
    5[Tony Esposito]
    4[Glenn Hall]
    3[Billy Smith, Glenn Resch]
    2[Jacques Plante, Kelly Hrudey, Curtis Joseph, Johnny Bower, Pekka Rinne, Ed Belfour, Tuukka Rask, Henrik Lundqvist, Tomas Vokoun, Dwayne Roloson, Bernie Parent, Daren Puppa, Tim Thomas, John Vanbiesbrouck]
    1[Sergei Bobrovsky, Pelle Lindbergh, Chris Mason, Felix Potvin, Mike Vernon, Murray Bannerman, Tom Barrasso, Roland Melanson, Bruce Gamble, Roman Cechmanek, Mike Smith, Jon Casey, Miikka Kiprusoff, Ron Hextall, Roberto Luongo, Martin Brodeur, Mike Dunham, Grant Fuhr, Pete Peeters, Manny Fernandez, Sean Burke, Ron Tugnutt, Jeff Hackett, Mike Palmateer, Marc-Andre Fleury, Marty Turco, Bob Essensa, Byron Dafoe, Jonathan Quick, Niklas Backstrom, Antti Raanta, Ryan Miller, Carey Price, Rogie Vachon, Jose Theodore, Bob Froese, Brian Elliott]
    By decade:
    DecadeNumber of Top 100 goaliesGoalies
    19502Glenn Hall, Jacques Plante
    19607Bruce Gamble, Glenn Hall, Johnny Bower, Tony Esposito
    197018Bernie Parent, Glenn Resch, Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden, Mike Palmateer, Rogie Vachon, Tony Esposito
    198018Billy Smith, Bob Froese, Daren Puppa, Grant Fuhr, Jon Casey, Kelly Hrudey, Mike Vernon, Murray Bannerman, Patrick Roy, Pelle Lindbergh, Pete Peeters, Roland Melanson, Ron Hextall
    199023Bob Essensa, Byron Dafoe, Curtis Joseph, Daren Puppa, Dominik Hasek, Ed Belfour, Felix Potvin, Jeff Hackett, John Vanbiesbrouck, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, Ron Tugnutt, Tom Barrasso
    200020Chris Mason, Dominik Hasek, Dwayne Roloson, Henrik Lundqvist, Jose Theodore, Manny Fernandez, Marty Turco, Miikka Kiprusoff, Mike Dunham, Niklas Backstrom, Patrick Roy, Roberto Luongo, Roman Cechmanek, Ryan Miller, Sean Burke, Tim Thomas, Tomas Vokoun, Tuukka Rask
    201012Antti Raanta, Brian Elliott, Carey Price, Henrik Lundqvist, Jonathan Quick, Marc-Andre Fleury, Mike Smith, Pekka Rinne, Sergei Bobrovsky, Tim Thomas, Tuukka Rask
    • Dominik Hasek is (as expected) by this metric the most dominant regular season goalie ever, with 7 straight seasons in Top 100.
    • Although Hasek's two best seasons are significantly better than Roy's, Roy's top 7 seasons stack surprisingly well against Hasek 3rd to 6th best seasons.
    • Martin Brodeur only appears on this list once which confirms that his peak was far behind both Hasek and Roy.
    • Tim Thomas's peak seasons rank very high on the list (12th, 13th), which are two most dominant seasons post lockout.
    • Marc-Andre Fleury 2017-2018 performance grants him 91th place on this list.
    • Very few season from 50', 60' and 10' appears on the list. The reason for this is probably that decades are incomplete (50', 10') and because of O6 era (50', 60').

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