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    There seems to be a million of these, how bout i throw my hat into the circle...

    #1 - CHICAGO - PATRICK KANE (London - OHL)
    Reason: Chicago has drafted good defenseman the last few drafts, Kane would probably fit into their system better, Kane goes first overall in a very hard to call first pick.

    Reason: Philadelphia has always gone after the big power forwards HOWEVER with Clarke gone, and the need for big wingers is gone, Philly goes after who is probably the best player in the draft talent wise and take a chance (considering there is no agreement with Russia) and take talent over size.

    Reason: With Mueller, Wheeler and Hanzal (2/3 centres) combined with the fact that they are skill/speed over size James would be a logical addition to Phoenix, with the top 4 picks BPA isn’t really a factor as these players are close knit and the top winger prospects for Phoenix are Wheeler and Lisin, Phoenix is pretty crippled right now as far as top end winger prospects, that makes Van Riemsdyk a great choice for Phoenix.

    #4 - LOS ANGELES - KYLE TURRIS (Burnaby - BCHL)
    Reason: As much as I like Turris personally, I think he will drop because of the following 3 reasons, and with JJ ready to go for the kings prospect I think they pass on Alzner and Ellerby and decide to go with BPA in Turris.

    #5 - WASHINGTON - KARL ALZNER (Calgary - WHL)
    Reason: Washington has it’s top franchise forwards Ovechkin/Backstrom) and with Green and Schultz progressing well the future looks bright for the caps, but Alzner would be an upgrade from the 2 defensemen mentioned and would probably have a better impact on the franchise rather than going after a forward.

    #6 - EDMONTON - KEATON ELLERBY (Kamloops - WHL)
    Reason: Ellerby would be a great choice for the Oilers, they are already young upfront and have several great offensive prospects on their way up, picking up Smid was a boost to the defence but it’s clear the Oilers need to pick up some defensive talent, and they find it in Ellerby.

    Reason: With a new GM this one is really hard to pick, especially with all the close talent at the #7 pick, so I will go with the safe pick and say BPA in Voracek, a lot could argue that Espo would go, but I think Voracek would be the safer pick, and they could use a durable player like Voracek that can play all 3 positions.

    Reason: For the second year in a row the Bruins take a former sure fire #1 overall pick that falls to them in Espo, the Bruins may trade this pick down to a team that is desperate to land someone with the franchise player potential of Espo so the bruins could draft a defenseman which they need and gain something good enough in return for falling, but if they keep the pick Angelo is a no brainier.

    #9 - St. LOUIS - MIKAEL BACKLUND (Vasteras - SWE)
    Reason: Blues have shown a lot of liking towards Swedish players in recent history and I think considering Backlund’s talent he would make absolute sense for the Blues to take 9th overall, especially with EJ from last year just makes it more clear that they will definitely go after a forward, and take who they would see as the BPA considering they have 2 more picks in this first round.

    #10 - FLORIDA - SAM GAGNER (London - OHL)
    Reason: In a position they are all too familiar with they draft at the end of the top 10, still without a playoff spot, they take the BPA and a player who’s father has had some roots in this city in Sam Gagner, although Florida is not known for this type of action (passing on Chris Stewart last year) but Gagner would most likely be the best player for the Panthers, they could be a candidate to trade down so they could take a shot at Smith or Cann but if they stay at 10 which they likely will, Gagner would be their selection.

    #11 - CAROLINA - ZACH HAMILL (Everett - WHL)
    Reason: Carolina who is surprisingly at 11, considering they won the cup a year ago, the team has a very weak prospect core, all their top prospects have moved on to the NHL and they need to build again, most importantly would be a scoring prospect, and Hamill is probably the best scoring prospect remaining and with that Hamill will go 11th.

    #12 - MONTREAL - LOGAN COUTURE (Ottawa - OHL)
    Reason: Couture is most likely BPA at #12, and would make the most sense, Montreal has a good prospect core, and BPA makes the most sense for a good Montreal team.

    #13 - TORONTO - DAVID PERRON (Lewiston - QMJHL)
    Reason: Mayorov may be the BPA at this point, but I have noticed that the Leafs have NO history in taking a Russian high in the draft ever since the unfortunate Borchevsky injury, and I can’t see that changing now, Perron is what I think the leafs could want, this is the toughest pick at this point, Leaf fans have some of the most die hard fan and there isn’t a player that can be named that some wouldn’t argue against, Eller being a top Swede could be of interest to the leafs also would be Colton Gillies because of his size, but when it comes down to it Perron makes the most sense.

    Reason: Colorado has a deep history of taking US born or College players high in the draft, that routine ended with Stewart getting drafted in the first round, a lot of people feel Billy Sweatt will be taken with this pick, but with the abundance of young talent at forward for Colorado I would say big defenseman Petricki would be ideal for Colorado.

    #15 - EDMONTON - JONATHAN BLUM (Vancouver - WHL)
    Reason: The pick acquired in the Ryan Smyth deal will give the Oilers their second defenseman in the draft, the pick up of Ellerby and Blum would practically cover their need of defensemen, as both are extremely talented and both play different games.

    #16 - ANAHEIM - LARS ELLER (Frolunda - SWE)
    Reason: Despite dominating the 2007 playoffs the ducks still manage to get a pick in the middle of the draft, with absolutely no needs in the organization the ducks go for a player who probably has the highest potential of players remaining in Lars Eller, Burke is no stranger to going after players from Sweden and that will be apparent with the selection of Eller at 16

    #17 - NY RANGERS - COLTON GILLIES (Saskatoon - WHL)
    Reason: A no-brainer for the Rangers, Gillies a huge centre prospect which would cover 2 needs for the rangers having a big presence on the top 2 lines, and a player who is good at the centre position, if Gillies is available at 17 there is no question he will be putting on the Rangers jersey.

    #18 - CALGARY - BRANDON SUTTER (Red Deer - WHL)
    Reason: Once again no surprise, it’s just like the Hunters in the OHL they will go a little off the board to get one of their own, and that’s what Darryl does with the 18th overall pick.

    #19 - MINNESOTA - TOMMY CROSS (Westminster - HS)
    Reason: Minnesota looks like they could use a defensive prospect, and Cross is arguably the best defenseman available at this point in the draft

    #20 - PITTSBURGH - ALEX PLANTE (Calgary - WHL)
    Reason: This is a no-brainer that the Penguins will be going after a big physical defenseman, as it’s really the only thing they need, they have endless talent at forward, they could use a good young power forward but with none really in sight, a big strong defenseman would be in the works and Plante is bigger than any player projected for the first round, and with that the Penguins would go for Plante.

    #21 - PHOENIX - MARK KATIC (Sarnia - OHL)
    Reason: Phoenix addressed their biggest need at the 3rd overall spot, and now with the pick acquired in the Nagy deal, they go after a lesser need, good potential top 4 defenseman, which is exactly where Katic falls, they have Jones and Stephenson who would be physically intimidating presences, and have shown in the past they like to go after strong skaters, and Katic is the best skating defenseman in the draft by a decent margin, Katic has two-way defenseman abilities which would fit well in the Coyotes system so the first surprise pick will go at 21 with Katic to Phoenix.

    #22 - MONTREAL - MAXIM MAYOROV (Almetsyevsk - RUS)
    Reason: Mayorov finally gets taken at 22, he falls due to the non transfer agreement but with the pro and prospect depth in Montreal they go after BPA and take Mayorov in hopes they can bring him over sometime in the next few years.

    Reason: Philly takes the best forward available, it’s hard to call with the new GM but with recent trades since he began he seems to have a bit of a bias towards CHL players, so McLean would be the best guess for this pick that was acquired in the Forsberg deal.

    #24 - ST. LOUIS - RYAN MCDONAUGH (Cretin-Derham - HS)
    Reason: St. Louis at 24 would make the most sense taking BPA, Ryan would fit the bill.

    #25 - VANCOUVER - MICHAL REPIK (Vancouver - WHL)
    Reason: I know a bit of a story book set up for Repik and the Canuck organization they take a player who has spent his junior year in the same city, but at this point it is really hard to tell who goes where, and if Repik is as good as some are saying, then Vancouver would have gotten the biggest, longest look at him, and would be willing to use up their 25th overall pick to make sure he stays in Vancouver.

    #26 - ST. LOUIS - KEVIN SHATTENKIRK (USA Under-18)
    Reason: BPA for St. Louis, take another defenseman that can be placed in the top 4 for the Blues.

    #27 - DETROIT - JEREMY SMITH (Plymouth - OHL)
    Reason: The Wings are not very deep at goaltender, beyond Howard who should be a great goaltender the Wings don’t have much, so Smith who the wings could see a lot of since Plymouth is only half an hour outside Detroit. Smith could be this year’s Steve Mason, not many teams know about him because he is a back-up but has a lot of talent, without the opportunity to display it due to having a more experienced goaltender ahead of him, I expect Neuvirth to be dealt this year, to make way for Smith and a lot of people will be surprised at how good he really is, just like Mason… well everyone except for the Red Wings, who always seem to be one step ahead in scouting.

    #28 - WASHINGTON - BILLY SWEATT (USA Under-18)
    Reason: Sweatt is probably the BPA at this point, a solid player who would fit into the Caps organization well.

    #29 - OTTAWA - MIKE HOEFFEL (USA Under-18)
    Reason: Ottawa has great pro team right now, with good youth, and shouldn’t need anything in specific but Forwards would come before defenseman on this team, and Hoeffel would give them great potential and depth on the wing.

    #30 - EDMONTON - OSCAR MOLLER (Chiliwack - WHL)
    Reason: Edmonton rounds out the 1st round selecting a talented forward they will get to see a lot of (due to the expantion Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL) and someone who could be the BPA at #30, however there is so much talent at this point 10 different names could come in here and not look out of place at #30.

    Thanks for your time in viewing this list, I’ve put some work into it and we’ll see how close I am come draft day.
  2. YogiCanucks

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    Jan 1, 2007
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    Vancouver BC
    I'm liking the Repik storyline here. Central Scouting had him mid-second round (before the Memorial Cup) I don't know if he jumps up to first round status tho. Maybe early round but since I've seen this guy play I have no complaits with Canucks taking a chance on him. + the Canucks organization likes taking players from around Vancouver or BC because they feel like the player will try and excel better if they are trying to make it onto a team they grew up watching.
  3. Narnia

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    I don't like Edmonton's pick at #6 at all. If Voracek is still there at #6, the Oilers will take him. Edmonton has a good history with Czechs. The Oil are raving about him and see a Hemsky in Voracek.
  4. Default101

    Default101 Guest

    That is true, Voracek is probably the better player too, but considering how young Edmonton is with their pro team, as well as prospects, they would have an overload of offensive talent and be lacking on defence, i feel at #6 Ellerby is talented enough that Edmonton would be more than happy selecting him, he is good enough to be a top 10 pick and if Alzner is gone i could really see Ellerby going there, however considering they have 3 picks they may just take BPA at 6
  5. PerryTurnbullfan

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    If Gagner is there, then the Blues will take him. Backlund may fall to their next pick. Gagner is one of the elites in the draft. I would be stunned, if he fell. I would bring out the gallows and lynch rope, if he was there and the Blues didn't take him.
  6. Giguere27

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    Feb 4, 2006
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    I would be really amazed,if the Ducks take Eller,as he could be the enxt Kopitar.But I doubt he will be available at 16 as he now gets a lot o attention.
  7. rt

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    Phoenix has got Ballard, Michalek, Jones, and Bell in the NHL. Also, Yandle, Stephenson, and Sullivan in the AHL. Plus, last year's late first rounder, Chris Summers in Michigan, and a third rounder last year, Jonas Ahnelov, over in Sweden. Ballard and Michalek are already top pairing guys, and Yandle should become one. I'm sure we see that potential in Summers, too since we traded two second round picks last year to move up and select him. Drafting a defenseman certainly isn't out of the question, BPA is BPA, but don't have Phoenix draft a blue liner and then cite defense, as a need. We've got a surplus, if anything.
  8. Judas Tavares

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    Perron would be an interesting fit for the Leafs.
  9. HatTrick Swayze

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    Very, very good mock draft overall, but if the Rangers take Gilles at 17 I will be :banghead:
  10. Free Edler

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    Surrey, BC
    Personally, having seen both play numerous times, I'd much rather have Moller over Repik. He's just a better player.
  11. buddahsmoka1

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    I really like your mock draft for the most part, good job. Cant see the habs taking Mayorov with the 22nd, when McDonagh is available. I think you will see Montreal take another American defensemen this draft, no idea who though. Im pretty sure they are pleased with Fischer, and there is another good crop of American Defensemen this year.

    Where did you get that Oscar Moller is on Edmonton now? I went to thier website and it doesnt say anything about the picking him up.
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  12. Divine Wind

    Divine Wind Guest

    You never draft for need. By the time most of these prospects are ready, it will be most likely 3 to 4 years down the road. the team needs by then could have completely changed. Voracek would be taken over Ellerby at 6 if this scenario played out, that is just my opinion though.
  13. saskatoonman

    saskatoonman Guest

    Nice job but one thing turris wont go that late.
  14. RightKinger

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    Los Angeles
    The only thing that Kopitar and Eller have in common is that they are both from non traditional hockey coutries. Eller does not have as much potential as Kopitar and they're style of play is not similar either. I don't know why people keep saying that Eller might be the next Kopitar. :help:
  15. Default101

    Default101 Guest

    they don't have him, but he will be playing some road games in edmonton, which i guess would apply for Ellerby and Blum too since those are both in the WHL and i'm sure Lowe would be able to catch alot of their games if he chooses to.
  16. Default101

    Default101 Guest

    I don't completely agree with that i think it's a mix, if i have 3 top 2 defencemen and good depth at defensive prospects, and i'm drafting in a spot where there is a defenceman slightly better than a forward at that pick i'm still going to go with the forward because i need it, i think in drafts it's a mix of BPA, team needs, and GM/Scouts preference, i wouldn't blindly take the BPA and i don't think most gms would... i think there could be a few out there but definately not very many.

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