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    Norfolk Admirals(NFA)/Richmond Renegades(RVR) 2018-2019
    Franchise Mode: 32 Team Expansion Draft
    Rosters: Oct. 11th
    Owner Mode: Off
    Player Morale: Off
    Game Style: 4/4 Full Sim
    Period Length: 10 Minutes
    Difficulty: Superstar
    Trade Difficulty: Hard
    Waivers: On
    Fog of War: On
    Auto Scouting: None
    NHL Re-alignment: NFA-Metropolitan, CBJ-Atlantic, DET-Central
    Gameplay Slider Adjustments:
    Attribute Effects: 7/10
    Fatigue Effect: 78/100
    Injury Occurrence: 38/100
    CPU Difficulty Adjustment: 6/6
    Self-Imposed Rules:
    1. May not propose trades or edit trade offers received.
    2. May not sign free agents who require an Entry Level Contract.
    2018 NHL Entry Draft
    1-3: RW SNP Curtis Funk 18yrs – 4_Med Elite – US
    2-3: RW GRN Egor Sokolov 18yrs – 1_High AHL Top 6 F – RUS(QMJHL)
    3-3: OFD Saku Vesterinen 19yrs – 2_High AHL Top 2 D – FIN
    4-3: LW Felix Bibeau 19yrs – 1_Med Top 9 F – CAN
    5-3: C TWF Kyle Topping 18yrs – 1_Med AHL Top 6 F – CAN
    6-3: C SNP Lukas Wernblom 17yrs – 3_MED AHL Top 6 F – SWE
    7-3: LW PLY Kyle Maksimovish 20yrs – 2_Med AHL Top 6 F - CAN
    Analysis: G-0, D-1, RW-2, LW-2, C-2
    I’ll probably be giving out a few ELC contracts, but nobody appears to be NHL ready.
    Re-Sign Phase
    HYB Keith Kinkaid – 4_81ovr 28yrs – Fringe Starter – 1yr $2.000M
    TWD Anton Stralman – 4_84ovr 31yrs – Top 4 D – 5yr $4.000M
    RW TWF Jordan Swarz – 3_74ovr 27yrs – Bottom 6 F – 1yr $1.500M
    LW PWF Patrick Maroon – 4_81ovr 30yrs – Top 9 F – 3yr $2.650M
    LW TWF Carl Hagelin – 4_80ovr 29yrs – Bottom 6 F – 1yr $2.000M
    HYB Joonas Korpisalo – 3_83ovr 24yrs – 4_Med Starter – 2yr $2.000M
    HYB Garret Sparks – 3_72ovr 24yrs – 4_High Starter – 2yr $0.675M
    OFD Christian Djoos – 3_80ovr 23yrs – 4_Med Top 6 D – 3yr $1.475M
    TWD Mackenzie Weegar – 2_73ovr 24yrs – 3_Low Top 4 D – 2yr $0.950M
    OFD Ryan Murphy – 3_71ovr 25yrs – 3_Med AHL Top 4 D – 2yr $0.675M
    RW PLY Pontus Aberg – 2_82ovr 24yrs – 3_Med Bottom 6 F – 1yr $0.825M
    RW SNP Martin Frk – 3_77ovr 24yrs – 3_Med Top 6 F – 2yr $1.575M
    RW TWF Marko Dano – 2_73ovr 23yrs – 4_Low Top 9 F – 2yr $0.925M
    LW SNP Taylor Leier – 4_76ovr 24yrs – 3_Med Bottom 6 F – 1yr $0.825M
    LW TWF Phillip Di Giuseppe – 2_71ovr 24yrs – 4_Med Bottom 6 F – 2yr $0.700M
    C TWF Gemel Smith – 2_81ovr 24yrs – 3_Med Bottom 6 F – 2yr $0.825M
    LW PLY Kyle Maksimovich - ???ovr 20yrs – 2_Med AHL Top 6 F – 2018 7th NFA(195th)
    OFD Saku Vesterinen - ???ovr 19yrs – 2_High AHL Top 2 D – 2018 3rd NFA(67th)
    NFA Preseason
    1st wave(I make offers every 5-6 days):
    HYB Dan Vladar – 2_70ovr 20yrs – 4_High Backup – 1yr $0.650M
    TWD Tyler Myers – 4_83ovr 28yrs – Elite – 5yr $4.900M
    DFD Xavier Ouellet – 3_81ovr 24yrs – 4_Med Top 4 D – 2yr $1.500M – Rejected $
    RW SNP Anthony Duclair – 3_79ovr 22yrs – 3_Med Top 9 F – 2yr $1.900M
    RW GRN Michael McCarron – 4_76ovr 23yrs – 3_Low Top 6 F – 2yr $0.850M
    RW PLY Sven Andrighetto – 2_75ovr 25yrs – 4_Low Top 9 F – 1yr $0.900M
    RW PLY Conor Garland – 2_73ovr 22yrs – 3_Med Bottom 6 F – 2yr $0.650M
    LW SNP Hunter Shinkaruk – 2_73ovr 23yrs – 3_Med Bottom 6 F – 1yr $0.650M
    C PLY Matt Duchene – 4_85ovr 27yrs – Elite – 5yr $7.000M
    C PWF Brian Boyle – 4_80ovr 33yrs – Top 9 F – 1yr $2.800M
    C PLY Jordan Weal – 3_79ovr 26yrs – 4_High Bottom 6 F – 2yr $0.800M
    C TWF Oscar Lindberg – 3_77ovr 26yrs – 4_Low Top 9 F – 2yr $2.000M
    C TWF Nick Shore – 3_76ovr 25yrs – 3_Med Bottom 6 F – 2yr $1.350M
    C TWF Tomas Nosek – 2_75ovr 25yrs – 4_Med Top 9 F – 1yr $1.650M
    C TWF Jayce Hawryluk – 4_72ovr 22yrs – 3_Low Top 6 F – 1yr $0.650M
    2nd wave:
    C PLY Joe Thornton – 4_84ovr 39yrs – Top 6 F – 1yr $5.000M
    3rd Wave:
    HYB Adin Hill – 3_74ovr 22yrs – 3_High AHL Starter – 1yr $0.650M
    The NHL roster is pretty much set with the exception of Martin Frk. If he has a poor camp he’ll begin the season in Richmond. Everybody else is NHL ready and deserves a spot. Our defense looks great and even the healthy scratch is a proven Top 4 guy, Jason Demers. The goalie situation is already set as well with Grubauer starting and Kinkaid backing him up. This is more about figuring out where certain guys fit in the lineup and testing my line strategies.
    NFA Preseason Recap
    2-4-1 isn’t ideal, but I did make a few lineup adjustments that garnered 2 wins in the final 3 games. There will be no roster moves and I made few more lineup adjustments with our special teams/Extras. I don’t read too much into the preseason stats because the competition isn’t quite NHL standard with the CPU GM’s putting together trash lines.
    Regular Season
    Captain – Thornton
    Assistant – Duchene
    Assistant – Giordano
    Captain – Nosek
    Assistant – Hickey
    Assistant – Andrighetto
    NFA 20-Game Recap
    16pts – 7-11-2 – 1.95gfpg – 2.80gapg – 12.5%pp – 82.7%pk
    8th in Division – 16th in Conference – 28th in NHL
    After starting the season 0-3-0 with just 2 goal scored I made a lot of adjustments. We won the next 3 games. I knew this year would be hard, but I did expect a bit better than this. I thought we’d be a .500 team at worst. I’ve got some work to do on the PP and if I can get that clicking I think we can climb the standings.
    RVR 20-Game Recap
    34pts – 16-2-2 – 3.40gfpg – 2.05gapg – 23.5%pp – 84.4%pk
    1st in Division – 1st in Conference – 1st in AHL
    This is pretty much what I’m expecting from this group. Even though Korpisalo(4-0-0) was injured after 5 starts, Garret Sparks(8-1-2) has been amazing. At least half this roster could be NHL’ers so there is also that, LOL.
    Hickey was just a depth player on our roster and I felt this return was worth it.
    LW TWF Yanni Gourde – 3_82ovr 26yrs – 2_Med Top 9 F – 1yr $1.325M – No Compensation for TB
    Rejected 2 days before the December 1st deadline. I guess he doesn’t want to play professional hockey this year.
    TWD Jacob Trouba – 3_84ovr 24yrs – 3_Med Top 4 D – 1yr $1.325M – No Compensation for WPG
    Made the offer a day before the December 1st deadline and I guess he doesn’t want to play this season either.
    LW TWF Yanni Gourde – 3_82ovr 26yrs – 2_Med Top 9 F – TB
    TWD Jacob Trouba – 3_84ovr 24yrs – 3_Med Top 4 D – WPG
    LW SNP Mike Cammalleri – 2_79ovr 36yrs – Bottom 6 F – 1yr $1.000M
    This was an incredible return for a player who was struggling to find his place on our team.
    NFA 4 – ARI 2
    Matt Duchene scored the first hat-trick in Franchise history! We’re rolling with a 7 game win streak and are 9-1-0 in our last ten.
    NFA 40-Game Recap
    48pts – 23-15-2 – 2.42gfpg – 2.33gapg – 18.3%pp – 78.6%pk
    4th in Division – 6th in Conference – 10th in NHL
    What a turn around, we went from the bottom of the league to the top 10! I’ve got the PP clicking and our 5on5 defense has improved. The PK needs some work, but I’m not changing a thing right now. I’m impressed with Martin Frk, but he’ll remain on the deadly 4th line for now. He’s been deadly on PP1 with 2g and 7pts in the past 20 games. Our 3rd line is leaking goals and all 3 have more giveaways than takeaways so I did make a slight adjustment to their line strategies. Losing Larsson and the insertion of Jason Demers appears to be flawless and I’m ready to ride this wave into the playoffs.
    RVR 40-Game Recap
    58pts – 27-9-4 – 3.55gfpg – 2.38gapg – 22.5%pp – 83.5%pk
    1st in Division – 1st in Conference – 3rd in AHL
    I thought that losing Hickey might give us a hiccup, but that was easily rectified by the veteran Mike Cammalleri. He’s scored an impressive 2g and 9pts in 14 games and this team is already looking toward the playoffs. I’m quite happy with everyone on this team including the only rookie and 2018 3rd round pick(67th) Saku Vesterinen, who has 1g and 7pts. Gemel Smith is proving to be a superb selection from Dallas during the Expansion draft and is tied for 2nd in the AHL in scoring(37pts). He’s a shoe-in for the Norfolk squad next season and OFD Christian Djoos will surely join him, with 10g and 29pts(5th among AHL defensemen).
    RW GRN Ryan Callahan – 3_79ovr 33yrs – Top 9 F – 1yr $5.800M – Claimed from TB
    TWF Scott Wilson was sent down and Callahan will be a depth forward for Norfolk.
    We had an abundance of Righties and Demers wasn’t exactly providing much offense, 3pts in 33gp. I felt comfortable letting him go for basically a 2nd because I think Christian Djoos is NHL ready. Djoos was lighting it up in Richmond with 10g and 38pts and will slot in alongside veteran DFD Justin Braun on the 3rd pairing. He’ll also replace Martinez on the 2nd PP unit. Alec Martinez bump up and replace Demers on the 2nd pairing. This does create a small issue in Richmond, but TWF Scott Wilson will slot into the 3rd pairing while veteran SNP Mike Cammalleri will replace Djoos on the top pair.
    NFA 5 – ARI 2
    Martin Frk recorded his 1st NHL hat-trick and the 4th line powerhouse is easily having the best season of his career, with 28pts(25pts in 68gp last season).
    Fast was playing well, 10g and 27pts in 62gp, but we’re not going to win a Cup in our inaugural season and a future 1st rounder was too enticing to pass up. TWF Martin Frk will replace him on the top line and veteran Ryan Callahan will slot in on the 4th. I never saw Fast as our long term top 6 option and am happy he played as well as he did. I’m not going to call anyone up and finish the season with 2 depth players.
    Trade Deadline
    TWD Jared Bohinski – Timander – Str and Weak
    TWF Bedrich Jurcina – Tyupkin – Str and Weak
    PLY Rocky Sawchuk – Tyupkin – Str and Weak
    TWF Antti Saarela – Nurminen – Str and Weak
    TWF Keegan Roche – Timander – Str and Weak
    HYB Griffin Wellwood – Muller – Str and Weak

    We clinched our spot at 78gp in our inaugural season and that feels great! We’re currently seeded above the reigning Champion Capitals by a single point. Our Veteran Captain, Joe Thornton, really turned on the offense in the 2nd half and is now leading the team with 54pts. I will admit that we’re a much weaker team after all the trades, but we’re still competitive. Our goaltending has been adequate with Grubauer’s(30-25-6) 4 shutouts, but Keith Kinkaid(14-8-1) has been superb with 4 shutouts of his own. Kinkaid’s 95.1%sv and 1.44gaa will probably garner him a start in the playoffs unless Grubi ends the season strong.
    NFA 6 – MTL 1
    Martin Frk scored his 2nd hat-trick of the year, but this time while playing top line minutes. Frk has been a monster offensively for us and this marked his 24th goal.
    NFA End of Season Recap
    99pts – 49-29-7 – 2.50gfpg – 2.26gapg – 18.9%pp – 83.0%pk
    1st in Division – 3rd in Conference – 5th in NHL
    I think I’d be in contention for the Jack Adams award(best coach) if they gave it out in this game, because this was amazing. Finishing 5th in the NHL in our inaugural season and without any particular star finishing anywhere near the top of the league in scoring. We spread it around and our 4th line was probably the most dangerous in the NHL. The only player that didn’t quite deliver was Calle Jarnkrok, with 2g and 15pts while playing in all 82 games. With that said I adjusted the 3rd lines strategies yet again because they’re still leaky. All our defensemen were exceptional and provided plenty of offense. The youngster Christian Djoos managed 10pts in his 22gp after being called up near the end of the season. Both net minders looked good while the backup, Keith Kinkaid(14-8-1) posted some incredible numbers. Looking back at the 3 trades it’s clear we had an abundance of good defenders and I feel good about dealing them. The Larsson deal was easily the best return of the trio but, with my custom rules you have to take what you can get.
    Mister Positive(+/-) – LW TWF Carl Hagelin +16
    The Missing Link(PIM) – TWD Tyler Myers 48pim
    Clutch(GWG) – TWD Anton Stralman 5gwg
    Dot Hero(FO%) – C TWF Jay Beagle 56.8%
    The Hammer(Hits) – TWD Tyler Myers 147h
    Señor Clumsy(GV) – TWD Mark Giordano 70gv
    Got Selke?(TK) – LW TWF Carl Hagelin 57tk
    Knuckles(Fights) – TWD Tyler Myers & RW GRN Ryan Callahan 1f
    RVR End of Season Recap
    120pts – 57-19-6 – 3.17gfpg – 2.01gapg – 18.5%pp – 84.7%pk
    1st in Division – 1st in Conference – 2nd in AHL
    I’m absolutely dumbfounded that we didn’t get 1st in the league. I did basically trade the defense out from under them, but we had some great forwards to fill in. I’m proud of all these guys and most of them hadn’t played a full professional season before. Gemel Smith(68pts) led the forwards while Ryan Murphy(43pts) led the defensemen. Our sole rookie and the first player drafted by me to play, OFD Saku Vesterinen, finished with 5g and 12pts. In net Korpisalo(34-9-3) was a beast, but Garret Sparks(21-10-3) stepped up during his injury and looked great.
    Mister Positive(+/-) – LW TWF Jacob de la Rose +34
    The Missing Link(PIM) – LW TWF Jacob de la Rose 61pim
    Clutch(GWG) – RW SNP Conor Garland 5gwg(I chose him out of 6 player tie)
    Dot Hero(FO%) – C TWF Jayce Hawryluk 53.7%
    The Hammer(Hits) – RW PWF Michael McCarron 154h
    Señor Clumsy(GV) – TWD Mackenzie Weegar 65gv
    Got Selke?(TK) – RW SNP Sven Andrighetto 76
    Knuckles(Fights) – LW TWF Jacob de la Rose 3f
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    What is your strategy for the new scouting system?

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