Experimenting with Different Flexes

Discussion in 'The Rink' started by Clarkington III, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I used to never quite feel the flex of a stick unless I took a slapshot. Never did it quite require I really lean in to one to feel the snap, but it was still there. A little background, after taking a large hiatus from hockey from 17 to 23 (and transitioning from roller to ice), I have found my best shot remains my slapper as in it is the most consistent. Because of this (after finding an SE Synergy super cheap and breaking the blade) I have moved to a combo of the One95 2-piece (p91a) and the Warrior Dolomite HD (50% off Kovy curve). They both are relatively in the same flex range as the One95 is about a 90 and the Dolomite is an 83ish. I used a combo of both until this past week when I picked up a Harrow OPS pro stock I bought a while back that had an end-piece in but I took out to try out a shorter stick. End result, back to its 75 flex. I am 6'2" and about 185 and the stick was noodly but I could really fire them off of a rush into the zone for my snappers. My slapshot had little go unless i placed my bottem hand lower.

    All this is relevant bc today I pulled out my higher flex sticks to see if I could lean in to them and they had way more force behind the puck. Bigger slapper, harder snap shot. Could really feel the stick flex and snap (with the One95). Once you find that lean (and now I work to replicate it), the stick really does it all. Makes more sense why higher flexes are rated for all-around shot types.

    Long story short, it helps to experiment.
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    Another reason I recommend a whippy flex to learn shots and move up as you get better/stronger.

    I'm jealous of you guys that are tall enough to just bump from 75 to 85 or from 85 to 100 flex. I've had to try about half a dozen sticks to find the right 75 flex that doesn't feel insanely stiff after using intermediates.

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