Erik Johnson and Free Stuff Tonight on HF Radio!!

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Nielson81, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Thursday, January 11th - 9 PM Eastern

    Confirmed Guests

    Eric Johnson

    Team USA Blueliner, WJC All-Star, Top D-man of the tournament, 1st overall pick of the Blues

    Mike Oke
    Chief Scout for the International Scouting Services. Mike will share his thought's on the WJC and the January ISS Draft Rankings.

    Evgeni Belaschenko
    Evgeni, a writer for, Hockey's Future and ofcourse the founder of Russian will tune in on the effort of a very impressive Team Russia at the '07 World Junior Championships.

    Guy Flaming
    Host of the "The Pipeline Show" on the Team 1260 in Edmonton and Hockey's Future Writer will share his thoughts on the WJC and also talk about the Oilers content at the tourney.

    Simon Richard
    After just returning from Stockholm today writer Simon Richard will stop by to talk with Dustin about his time Sweden at the World Junior Championships.

    Listen To Win!!
    Listen LIVE for your chance to win a free copy of Wayne Gretzky: ESPN Sportscentury.

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