TSN: Bob McKenzie article on Wade Redden (can be applied for Scott Gomez)

Discussion in 'Montreal Canadiens' started by Natey, Jan 12, 2013.

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    How exactly is he being tortured? I'm not a Hab fan but come on...he sucks and makes 7.5M in a beautiful city...he doesn't care what the fans think.
  2. You didn't get my post.

    He's not being tortured; It's when you and millions expect something from yourself and you not only fail to achieve it, but you absolutely suck at it. Criticism comes with that, no problem, he should be held accountable. When you really love what you do and you downright suck at it, it's a torture.

    But to kick someone when he's down is pretty lame TBH. I found all the jokes and the puns funny at the beginning, but now it's just like:


    And I know, it's hard to believe that he actually feels like crap when he's floating in all that money, but rich people are humans too. Something a lot people fail to realize in this society we live in. I guess capitalism does that to you.
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    Now we know.. Option #3 was the option taken. Wow.

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