NHL Draft Software: 2018 Top100 End of the regular season rankings

Scouting evaluation; Skating speed, edge work, shooting, puck control, offensive IQ, competitiveness, physical play, defensive play. (Those...
  1. ProspectsFanatic

    Players entered in the software:

    DY: Draft year. DY-1: 1 year before draft. DY-2: 2 years before draft.
    The first section (with DY, DY-1, DY-2) are the evaluations of each prospect season performance calculated by the software based on the data entered.
    The second section shows the percentage taken into account in the final score, it varies depending on the games/tournaments played for each season.

    Previous 2018 draft rankings:

    Last year:
    Software evaluating draft eligible player

    Previous drafting results (drafting as MTL for the last 5 years):

    Data taken into account:
    - Age, height, weight.
    - Scouting evaluation; Skating speed, edge work, shooting, puck control, offensive IQ, competitiveness, physical play, defensive play. (Those evaluations are greatly impacting the statical evaluation, both sources of data are tested again each other in different ways.)
    - Last 3 seasons stats in all leagues played; League difficulty, ice time, quality of teammates, organizational depth, (regular+playoff) GP, G, A, PTS and if available A1, A2, Sh%, relative +/-. Tournament play: WJC18, WJC20, Hlinka.
    (The statistics are used as an indicator of performance, but where the player stands in terms of organizational depth is also weighted, those two are weighted differently according to the algorithm depending on the context of each player, for example, independently of statistics being 2nd line SHL on draft eligible year mean something and can be measured as a value.)
    - Consensus ranking (only little impact)
    * On rare occasions some players are given positive or negative bonuses if something of relevancy hasn't been taken into account by the software, example; injury prone, attitude issue, extra international play.

    When players are very close it really doesn't take much for them to switch places, so rankings are still susceptible to move greatly.

    I did not saw every single of those players play, if there are highlights I have probably seen them though, but I am using other reports a lot for the scouting evaluation section to complement.

    I'll do overager later on, most are not noteworthy, maybe Durzi could crack the top100, I left it out for now.

    I hope I didn't forget anyone.

    Don't hesitate if you have questions or remarks.

    And yes, I did spent a lot of time on this.

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