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Free downloadable 2018 NHL Draft Guide. I spent the year watching hundreds of hours of these prospects in actual games. At the very least, I’m...
By Magua · Jun 19, 2018 · Updated Jun 19, 2018
  1. Magua
    Hey all. I tend to post on the Flyers thread and share my copious (oh so copious) amount of prospect blather there, and since I've been a member I've done a ranking of draft eligibles. But this year I decided to go all out and synthesize all that blathering and do a REAL write-up thing, which I wrote over the course of the season, editing or adding as needed. It ended up lengthy, but if anyone was bored and had time on their hands, if only to skim around.......

    If you want consensus opinions, I gather you know where to find them, but I assure you these really are my thoughts: undiluted and based on little but my own watching. Many of these blurbs or remarks I originally wrote months ago. Whether too bold one way or the other, I can proudly say its my boldness and nothing was half-assed. I spent the year watching hundreds of hours of these prospects in actual games. At the very least, I’m just trying to give my take. I operated on the simple idea: set up a board as I see it for who I think projects as the best NHL players. I have a few international blind spots that I did my best with, but this isn't a true "draft ranking" so much as my personal board.

    My rankings and alphabetized write-ups are in the attachment provided. There are a few players I didn’t do write-ups on, either because they’re top of the draft players and I had nothing special to contribute, or I had minimal viewings and did not feel comfortable blathering about them (Bokk, Ylonen, Eriksson, and to a lesser extent O’Brien and Bernard-Docker, though I did see game tape). I generally tried to rank those players conservatively or based on consensus but didn’t want to exclude them either. So, grain of salt. I chose not to rank goalies or re-entries and also had several leftover write-ups from earlier in the season that I included for unranked players, some controversial top 2 rounders even (don't hate me).

    These thoughts were batted around in my brain over and over, so if there’s anything I can explain or answer, I will! If nothing else, I tried my best and did this almost year-long project to test myself and perhaps provide something informative (TBD). Please do peruse!


    Download the free guide here.

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