Magua's 2019 NHL Draft Preseason Top 31 Write-Up

  1. Magua
    Last year I wrote a similar but shorter Hlinka write-up for the Flyers board. Thought I’d share this year's version with you (mostly) fine people. It's in the attached PDF, so you don't have to scroll for 40 days and 40 nights! Been writing this and mulling over the rankings for the last month; obviously prospect watching for longer. I feel reasonably comfortable with where I'm at in my evaluating; maybe the most comfortable in August/September since I've been doing this. If you know me -- maybe read my 2018 draft guide back in June? -- then you know I write what I think. Straight up.

    I start with a Gretzky-Hlinka report (sorted by country), which covers much of my top 31 (which I roughly tiered this time), along with additional players of note. Then I finished it up with blurbs for the rest of my top 31, by rank, who didn't play at the Hlinka. Obviously things change, and it'll be interesting to check back, but I remember when I did it last year, albeit in shorter form, it was a good resource for me too and a fair amount of my summer thoughts actually strengthened with time. But it’s only September, and surely nothing is definitive (and I tried to make that clear in the write-ups), and we all have much to learn, often from each other.

    And I’m always glad to converse!


    Download the PDF Here

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