If you win the cup you will repeat (66 % of the time)

  1. Puckstuff
    I found this stat to be cool.

    If your team wins the Stanley cup; you have a 66 % chance of them winning it again within 7 years.

    Pittsburgh, Chicago, LA have all repeated this decade. Detroit, NJ, Colorado have all recently repeated. After the NHL expanded in 1967 the Islanders, Oilers, Flyers, Bruins have also repeated while teams like NJ, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Montreal have all had multiple teams win within 7 years.

    I did not include Washington because they have not had an opportunity (or 7 years) to repeat.

    Since 1967 only 7 teams that won the Stanley Cup have NOT repeated within 7 years.

    Boston - 2011
    Anaheim - 2007
    Carolina - 2006
    Tampa Bay - 2004
    Dallas - 1999
    New York Rangers - 1994
    Calgary - 1989

    The pattern seems to be every winner every 4 or 5 years does not repeat. This leads me to believe Washington will not repeat as it's been 7 years.
    All-Time Stanley Cup Champions

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