AHL 17+2 playing roster should change to 18+2?

Discussion in 'The Business of Hockey' started by LadyStanley, Nov 1, 2006.

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    With the new CBA and the emphasis on development, pundit examines the pros and cons of changing the AHL bylaws to "match" the playing numbers of the NHL: 18 skaters (12 F + 6 D) from the current 17 skaters.

    17 of the 27 AHL franchises are independently owned (which means that 10 NHL teams own their own AHL team) and the added cost of another skater could be too much.

    There are multiple hockey reasons to make the change and business reasons not to. (Depending on whether you're looking at this from a AHL-only point of view and/or NHL/AHL point of view. :) )

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