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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by HFNHL Red Wings, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. No attempt at litterary creativity just a general rant :soap:

    What do I have to do gainst these [expletive] Blackhawks? If it weren't for games against us they'd be well below .500 (got 5 out of 6 points). In last night's game we outplayed them (again) and outshot them 42-18 only to see Lundqvist, who has played so great so far, seemingly take a game off.

    The two teams will face off again tonight with the Wings missing their starting goaltender (fatigued), top centre in Straka (injured), and their 2nd best dman Timonen (injured) so there's leikely another 2points for the Hawks

    The worst part is that not only did Straka get injured but the injury killed at least one if not two trades. Rumour has it that Stumpel and Sarich were about to be traded but that the injury and the ensuing need to use Stumpel on the top line ended up being the final factor that resulted in the team cancelling the deal.
    The final element of irony in all this was that there were further rumours that the Wings were in talks with the Hawks to acquire Marchment, who was the one that injured Straka, as an injured reserve if Sarich was traded and in the process free up cap room for the Hawks. With the first rumoured deal being nixed, Marchment effectively eliminated his chance of being traded from an also ran team to a contender.

    Laugh it up Dryden :banghead:

    The one bright spot was that Dumont, who was publicly threated by the Hawks GM, lead the rally and contributed to all 4 Red Wings goals (1G, 3A).
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    bah...gotta talk to the schedule maker...more games against the Wings. back to Dumont...think i'm going to take a page out of Dion's book and put the goons on the top line tonight.

    hope i can do my lines now?
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    Ah the good old days... brings back memories... :biglaugh:
  4. A win over the Hawks ... FINALLY!!!

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