Where does the NHLPA go from here? I just don't understand...

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by TonySCV, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. TonySCV

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    I wrote a few months ago that the NHLPA was in a lose-lose-lose. Now it seems to be more appropriate to say they've lost-lost-lost.

    They lost the chance to get the best deal. They've lost a huge part of the leverage they had, and they've lost the support of the majority of fans.

    I'm pro-hockey. I want to see the game survive, and I want to see this CBS resolved LONG term. Whatever deal they put in place shouldn't be a patch job or a quick fix. It should be something that lasts for 10+ years.

    I'm pro-owner from a philosophical perspective. You don't bite the hand that feeds you, but at the same time, I feel incredibly sorry for the players whose leaders have led them to the slaughter.

    Someone tell me - because I can't see it - HOW this gets better for the players as they move forward? What strategy is there to get to the next step, and how could they possibly reach a settlement that'll be better than the one they just turned down? There's NO upside for the players. They are going to take a HUGE pay cut - it'll make the 24% look like nothing compared to a $30MM salary cap with linkage the NHL will darn well ensure is part of the new world. No wonder the NHLPA is fractured right now. I'd be screaming bloody murder if I were a player who needed a paycheck to make ends meet. I'd feel lost.

    The NHL is in the driver's seat and they're about to kick the NHLPA out of the car. The NHL can go the impasse route and have their case heard in front of a Bush administration appointed NLRB which will very much favor the NHL. The 2 or 3 teams that may have issues with replacement players will temporarily move. I'm sure Seattle will appreciate some NHL hockey.

    I just don't get it... as bad as they thought the owners offer might me, it's going to look fabulous compared to the deal they're going to be playing under next season.

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  2. KingsFan7824

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    I don't know if anybody knows.

    It seems the NHL just got too big. It had to burst. The owners expanded/relocated too much. The salaries went too high. The players aren't willing, or were willing, or weren't willing, or I don't even know anymore, to accept a cap that would still let the best players make millions. The players themselves even got bigger.

    Everything has a breaking point. If anything gets too big, it can't be good. That's my theory on life anyway. Whether it's government, business, or a pro sport. Obviously the NHL, as a whole, just got too big for its own good.

    Seems the NHL just has to start over, build the game, and then in 80 years start all over yet again.
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