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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by sbtatter, Sep 4, 2006.

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    I watched the Wheaties Friday through Sunday, I am excited with some of the young talent the franchise has stockpiled. Players too young for this year (91’s) are Scott Glennie and Brayden Schenn who look like good prospects up front, but the player I was most impressed with was Brodie Melnychuk on defence. Good size, great skill and family genes (Trent Yawney is his Uncle I believe).
    As far as the 90’s go, more good prospects. Colby Robak is a good looking offensive defenceman, plays like a Kohn or Boyle, should make the squad this year. Sanfred King looks good, maybe one more year before he makes the team? Jordan Hale was cut, but has good size and hands, just needs to work on his speed and he’ll be back for next year. Hayes looks good as a future goaltender as well. John Calkins also looked good early in the camp until he was injured.
    On to the 89’s, and here was the really good news. Nathan Green has done nothing but score, appears like a younger version of Burki. Let’s hope he can continue on and have a good rookie season. Caligiuri looks like he will develop into a franchise goaltender. Jay Fehr is so small, but the puck follows him and he has a presence on the puck. Speed and skill, and maybe the new rules will enable him to play with the big boys. I’d keep him and see if he can help on the powerplay and hopefully he will grow a little more! Fehr made others look like pylons on a couple rushes today! Cale Jeffries hustle also impressed me, more of a grinder than a scorer. I expected more of Proudley, but he will likely stick around for a while. Lockerby looks certain to make the 4th line.
    Import Simek, tonnes of speed, puck handling and an obvious goal scoring knack. He reminds me of a bigger version of Sindel and the Hitmen’s Freddie Pettersen

    Glennie, King, Robak, Melnychuk, Caligiuri and Green are the bright future of the franchise. Fehr could be a huge star if he grows or if the no holding rules are enforced. I’m looking forward to this season and the future!

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