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    Here is Matt's e-mail on the waiver draft last year. Aside from changing the years referenced, I believe the rules remain the same...


    The 2003 HFNHL Waiver Draft will be held at 10:00 AM EST (GMT -5:00) on Saturday, November 22nd. Obviously, we're trying to accomodate a lot of different time zones here, so this is the best compromise I could come up with.

    Waiver protection lists will be due by 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday, November 18th. All teams should submit their lists to Eric Danis
    ([email protected]). Please submit your waiver protection list with
    the subject line "Waiver list: Your Team's Name".

    Here's a model for how lists should be submitted:

    Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

    Protected (must be 18 skaters, 2 goalies)
    F Espen Knutsen
    F Sami Kapanen
    F Eric Daze
    F Bryan Smolinski
    F Brian Rolston
    F Zigmund Palffy
    F Mike Ricci
    F Scott Mellanby
    F Marty McInnis
    F Eric Belanger
    F John Madden
    F Tomas Holmstrom
    D Al MacInnis
    D Brian Rafalski
    D Kenny Jonsson
    D Tom Poti
    D Richard Matvichuk
    D Lance Ward
    G Mike Richter
    G Brian Boucher

    D Murray Baron
    D Scott Ferguson
    D Uwe Krupp
    D Jason Marshall
    D Greg Hawgood
    C Greg Classen
    C Dmitri Khristich
    LW Patrick Poulin

    RW Mark Rycroft
    G JM Pelletier
    G Cody Rudkowsky
    All unsigned prospects

    Try not to deviate TOO much from this model. ;-) And now for some

    HFNHL Waiver Draft Rules 2003-2004

    1. In the first round, only the non-playoff clubs participate. From the second round on, all teams participate. Teams will make their selections in the same order in which they drafted in the Entry Draft (excluding the lottery), starting with the teams having the fewest points last season and working up to the President's Trophy winner.

    2. Clubs MUST protect a total of 20 players (18 skaters and 2
    goaltenders) from the waiver draft. Even if, for example, you only
    have one goalie that requires protection, and all of your other
    goalies are exempt from the waiver draft for other reasons, you still
    MUST list two goalies on your "protected" list...even if it's just a
    formality. Any unprotected players who are eligible (see below) may
    be selected in the Waiver Draft.

    3. No club may lose more than one player in the Waiver Draft (without making a claim of its own), unless it chooses to offer more players. Each club's one-player loss limit will increase by the number of draft claims it makes against other clubs, not to exceed a maximum of three.

    Example: In the 2000-01 waiver draft, Calgary claimed a total of six players. For each player claimed by the Flames, another player was exposed from the team's protected list - six players claimed, six players exposed. In spite of exposing six players from its protected list, Calgary stood to lose no more than three players from its roster.

    4. Teams that lost a goalie in last year's waiver draft can not lose one in this year's draft unless they choose to make one available.

    5. The draft will conclude when a round is completed in which no club makes a claim.

    6. In the first round of the waiver draft, teams may not select a player from within their own division.


    Unsigned prospects are NOT eligible for the draft.

    Players previously in the (HF)NHL that are now playing in Europe do not qualify as "unsigned prospects", even though they are located on a team's prospect list. Teams must decide whether or not to protect these players from the Waiver Draft, just as they would any other roster player.

    Some signed players may also be exempt. The number of years a player is exempt from the Waiver Draft is outlined below. The exemption ends early if the player has played in the number of NHL games set forth in the applicable column below.

    Age Years from (HF)NHL Signing NHL Games Played*
    18 6 or 80
    19 5 or 80
    20 4 or 80
    21 4 or 60
    22 4 or 60
    23 3 or 60
    24 2 or 60
    25+ 1 ---

    Age Years from (HF)NHL Signing NHL Games Played*
    18 5 or 160
    19 4 or 160
    20 3 or 160
    21 3 or 80
    22 3 or 70
    23 3 or 60
    24 2 or 60
    25+ 1 ---

    * `NHL games played' includes all regular-season and playoff games. Skaters who play in 11 or more NHL games as 18 or 19-year-olds will have their exemption reduced from five and four years, respectively, to three years. Goaltenders who play in 11 or more NHL games as 18 or 19-year-olds will have their exemption reduced from six and five years, respectively, to four years.

    In determining immunity (or lack thereof) from the waiver draft, it should be assumed that a player's first NHL contract was signed immediately prior to his first professional season in North America (NHL/AHL/IHL/ECHL). For purposes of determining age at date of signing, assume that the player signed/season started on October 1st.

    One other rule...if and when you select a player, the player you
    expose from your protected list in exchange must play the same
    position. So, for example, if Edmonton decides to claim a skater
    from my waiver list, the Oilers should be prepared to expose another


    Matt Gledhill
    HFNHL Commissioner
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    Don't forget...

    The league still considers this part of the year as the tail-end of the 2003-04 season, if you have a player that is schedule to lose his waiver immunity in 04-05, he can still be protected in this year's waiver draft.

    Also remember to include your RFA's and playing in Europe (both on the prospects/futures list), they are still eligible, even if they won't play on your squad this year.

    Anyone that already has their list, please send it in asap (thanks Douglas!), it takes quite a while to check everyone's list, it would be great if I could have some in advance, you are always able to make changes to it (in case of trades or if you simply change your mind).

  3. Brent Burns Beard

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    how do we calculate HFNHL games played ?

  4. kasper11

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    Use NHL games played.
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