Tyler Ruegsegger?

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by leafaholix*, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. leafaholix*

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    Has anyone seen him play with Denver?

    He has 2 goals, 5 points in 4 games as their #1 centre.

    The Maple Leafs drafted him in June at #166.

    Here's a comment I saw off a NCAA forum...

    "Great start for a great kid with great upside. Doesn't take a veteran hockey coach to see his talent, and the fact is he's got to one of the nicest kids ever to play the game. Play he does and with relentless abandon. I have watched him for a while and now envy the DU fans who will get to see him every week."
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    definately a good start to NCAA hockey for the kid but thats all i can contribute.
  3. mooseOAK*

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    I saw Dave Morrison, Leafs head amateur scout, talking about him and they like his skill, says he's a smart player, but needs to get stronger if he wants to make it to the NHL.

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