TRUTH AND RUMOURS: Swingstein on his way out?

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by HFaceOff, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Negotiations between high profile agent Reggie Swingstein and General Managers involved in the leagues administration have descended into near chaos over the inability to reach a compromise in a disputed trade deal involving a high profile, pending Unrestricted Free Agent. Rumours abound that some of the more powerful Admin Team are poised to revoke the agents license, meaning that the league will need a new de facto agent. When rumours surfaced in the Miami Herald two days ago, Swingstein revealed that he is pondering early retirement, due to his health concerns and the need to re-tree his hideaway home in Hawaii that was damaged by film crews during the filming of the television series "LOST"

    The Jackets have eclipsed the previous win streak in the HFNHL, but you won't find general manager Doug Emerson sitting back waiting for that lofty number, now at 17 games, to grow higher. He is said to be bidding for several players to strengthen the team.
    --Akron Beagle Journal

    The Islanders are searching for a buyer for Nathan Dempsey the soon to be UFA, because they don't feel he fits the plans for thier playoff run. The price is high however, with the team looking for a high draft pick in return.

    The St. Louis Blues have continued to make inquiries in all directions with hopes they will be able to salvage their floundering ship. This has included the offering of players ranging from Yzerman, Samsanov, Gauthier and several of their better prospects. Blues management are said to be desperate to stop the rot.
    -- St.Louis Dispatch

    Leafs assistant general manager Adil Jaffer believes that strict enforcement of obstruction rules in the NHL this season has increased the chance of players getting injured. "There are some really big men playing these days, and when they get a head of steam, they can do some damage," Jaffer said.
    --Toronto Star

    GM Joshua Pitt is certain that Jay Bouwmeester will return to the line-up in short order, though the team doctors remain more skeptical. Pitt stated "We have amongst the best depth in a defensive group in the league, so even though we miss Jay's presence it will not hurt the team in the short term"
    --WNED 960 AM

    The Kings are re-tooling, and it shows in the seats and in the standings. The teams fans have all but abandoned the team, and a six game losing streak has been greeted by unearthly silence on the citys talk radio. Owners recently gave Michael McEwan the dreaded vote of confidence, declaring that the GM's job is not in jeapordy.
    -- Hollister Free Lance

    The Montreal Canadiens are desperate to sign Tomas Kaberle to an extension prior to the trading deadline, but negotiations have barely begun. Martin Bressard recently commented that the conversations have barely covered the basic salary demands of the defenseman. If Kaberle doens't show interest he will certainly be moved. Expect Calgary to be a logical destination as they continue to shore up the team.
    --Calgary Herald

    Mats Sundin feels he is the best player in the league, especially after his recent trade and wants to show it by winning the Hart Trophy, but Peter Forsberg continues scoring at will. He is just now finding chemistry with line-mates Martin St. Louis and Marco Sturm but it may already be too late.
    --St. Paul Star Tribune

    have something to say, got something to get off your chest, has your neighbouring GM been unfair in trade dealings. let us know [email protected]
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