Boston Globe Top Story Lines for 18 - 19 season

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    These are the top story lines for the 2018-19 NHL season - The Boston Globe

    NHL 2018-19 finally gets under way this
    coming week, with the Bruins taking on the Capitals in Washington, provided Alex Ovechkin drains the Moet, surrenders the Stanley Cup back to the Hall of Fame, and can make it to Capital One Arena in time for Wednesday night’s faceoff.

    One of the intriguing story lines of the new season will be to see how the Capitals, after decades of playoff pratfalls, will follow through on their first Cup title. They kept their backline intact with an extension for John Carlson (eight years/$64 million). And Ovechkin remains the game’s most feared and frequent shooter.

    To wit: In the last five seasons, no one has scored more goals (236) than Ovechkin, and no one has cobbled together more shots on net (1,847). Ex-Bruin Tyler Seguin comes the closest with 173 goals (tied for second with Sidney Crosby) and 1,488 shots (third, a notch below Brent Burns).

    In October 2019, by the way, Seguin begins a new deal that will pay him $9.85 million per season, some $300,000 more than Ovechkin.

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