Time for agents to step in?

Discussion in 'The Business of Hockey' started by officeglen, Feb 16, 2005.

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    With both sides perhaps not budging today, maybe it is time that a group of agents get together to put forth a final offer to both sides. They could send a letter like the following:

    Dear Gary & Bob,

    Yesterday the NHL and NHLPA exchanged offers that were the closest yet. In order to avoid losing this season, and perhaps additional seasons as well, we, a group of concerned agents, make the following final proposal to both sides.


    1. Term - 6 full seasons (through 9-15-11).

    2. CBA System Incorporation of NHLPA December 9, 2004 proposal into the recently expired CBA, with indexing of financial provisions (per diems, etc.) at 2% per year, with the following additional changes requested by the NHL yesterday:
    (a) Increased salary arbitration rights for Clubs -- to be agreed upon. Salary arbitration available after Player leaves Entry Level System.
    (b) Cap on Exhibit 5 Individual B Performance Bonuses -- to be agreed upon but performance bonuses not to exceed 40% of salary.
    (c) Replace NHLPA Revenue Sharing Plan with NHL Revenue Sharing Plan to share at least $88M in each year of the Agreement. Clubs may credit any payroll taxes paid against their revenue sharing contribution.

    3. Team Payroll Limit - $45M in salary, bonuses and benefits.

    4. Minimum Team Payroll - $28M

    5. Minimum Player Salary - $300K (as per NHL Proposal)

    6. Payroll Taxes - $35M - $37.5M (25%)
    $37.5M - $40M (50%)
    $40M - $42.5M (75%)
    $42.5M - $45M (100%)
    $45M - $47.5M (200%) only once per team during 6 year term

    7. Indexing of Tax Rates and Payroll Minimums & Maximums will apply after 2005-06 ONLY IF total player compensation is less than 58% of total club revenues. All dollar amounts would be in place for 2004-05 (pro-rated) and 2005-06. Dollar levels for tax rates, payroll minimums & maximums for subsequent years either constant or increased by % change in greater of either hockey related revenues or only the gate receipts and broadcasting segments of hockey related revenues from the 2005-06 base year.

    8. 2005 Playoffs 50% of playoff revenues to be paid to Players for the 2005 playoffs.

    This CBA will not be easy to accept, but please carefully consider the alternatives before rejecting it.


    A group of very concerned agents
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