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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by ThrashersGM, Jan 2, 2007.

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    The new GM of the Thrashers has started to make his mark on the struggling franchise. Realizing that there is little hope for the thrashers to make any noise in this year GM Ryan Archer has made moves to make sure that the team meets the minimum requirements set out by the league and try to improve the team from the inside out. Several recent deals have been made to solidify a playable roster.

    The first deal was with Detroit, they received Young Tough power forward Sean Thornton for Danny Sabourin, Jay Harrison and Detroit's 6th round pick. Sabourin was slated to play backup to starter Robert Esche and Jay Harrison was key to this deal as he was seen as a bright young defensive prospect for the future.

    Detriot's 6th round pick was then shipped out to Tampa Bay along with Jamie Rivers for Veteran Defenceman Vladimir Malahkov. Malahkov was brought in to help bring along the younger defencemen and add experience and leadership to the Defensive core. He was also brought in the bolster the team's average OV to meet league requirments.

    Later a deal was made with the Flyers to bring in veteran tough guy Turner Stevenson along with $150,000 cash. The Thrashers sent their 7th round pick to the flyers in order to land this defensive minded winger. GM Ryan Archer has made it clear that the Thrashers may not win a lot of games but the teams that face off against the Thrashers will be heading home with a lot of bumps and bruises. The Thrashers line up bolster some of the toughest guys in the league and with the addition of Stevenson they only get tougher.

    Early this week the Thrashers made their most recent deal bringing in outcast goaltender Jose Theodore. This was a big step for the Thrashers and GM Ryan Archer has high hopes that Theodore will turn around his slump and bring an A game to Atlanta. Sent to Colorado was Streaky soon to be UFA Anson Carter. The Thrashers also picked up some utility Defensemen to help with the League OV limit. This deal allows the Thrashers to dress a healthy starter every night. Theodore and Esche are expected to split the season in net giving the thrashers a chance to steal the game every night.

    Although the Thrashers have made a bunch of deals and are now at the required 70ov average they are still looking to make minor deals to help improve the team. The team expects to hold on to their top 4 rounds of draft picks but the bottom end picks can be had for aging forwards or defensemen. However as it looks now the Thrashers are ready to get it on!

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