The players have to Capitulate!

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Chayos, Feb 21, 2005.

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    We may never know what went on on Saturday so the useless venom being spewed by frustrated posters is pointless.

    The reality here is we have fallen into the abyss and have no idea where we are going and we are all nervous. The game we love is in serious jeopardy and nobody on either side wants that. The players IMO have the most to lose here as they are not billionaires already, so they have to blink in this process or all is lost.

    In the end you will either see the players blink and save the game as we know it to day or the Owners will run it into the ground to prove a point that they can. The days where organized sports labour has the public's approval is over, especially professional athelete's.

    The players are fighting a two front war here with the owners, but also with the
    fans and both Hitler and Napolean showed you what happens next!

    This is a war the players can't win! Call it strategic retreat, boys and take the owners last offer and call it a draw for the good of the game. Take the next 6 years to earn back the fans approval and then your cause will be on steadier ground.
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