The Mike Keenan Effect

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    When Mike Keenan was hired to coach the Philadelphia Flyers going into the 1984-85 season he brought with him the short shift game. Details of the short shift game have been discussed elsewhere.

    The short shift game put different demands on different players. Some benefited while others did not.

    One interesting aspect of the Mike Keenan Flyers is that while the team was successful, reaching the Stanley Cup finals twice, three of the key players on those teams - Ron Hextall, Brian Propp, Mark Howe receive little consideration when it comes to HHOF voting. A fourth, Brad MCcrimmon is even further in the background.After Keenan left the Flyers none of the players listed improved their performance levels.

    Do you feel that the short shift game as played by the Flyers and other teams coached bu Mike Keenan has some influence on how players are perceived when it comes to HHoF voting?

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