The 2005 Edition Of The HercaRockaFella Mock Entry Draft

Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by The Mighty Duck Man, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. The Mighty Duck Man

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    1.Pittsburgh Penguins-C Sidney Crosby
    Why? If you don't know why, either catch up or go back under that rock you've been living under for the past couple of years.

    2.Anaheim Ducks-D Jack Johnson
    Why? With Getzlaf, Lupul, Perry, Chistov, Kunitz, etc., the Ducks are fairly set at forward, and truly lack a #1 defenseman, making Johnson the perfect fit.

    3.Carolina Hurricanes-LW Benoit Pouliot
    Why? With Andrew Ladd and Erik Cole, they have two power forwards, and could really use a skill winger to side with Ladd and Eric Staal. They need defense, but Johnson's gone, so they take the best forward out there. Do not rule out a trade-down to get Eric Staal's younger brother Marc, though.

    4.Minnesota Wild-RW Bobby Ryan
    Why? With Brent Burns on defense, they really do lack a power forward, and Bobby Ryan fits the mold here. A case could also be made that he's the best player available, so they'd take him anyway if they drafted that way.

    5.Montreal Canadiens-C Gilbert Brule
    Why? The Canadiens have drafted a couple wingers in the past, and although they took Chipchura last year, they could use a true first line centerman, and Brule is the perfect fit. Don't rule out this pick being traded either, whether it's for current talent or a shot at the aforementioned Marc Staal.

    6.Columbus Blue Jackets-C Anze Kopitar
    Why? If there's one thing Columbus truly lacks, it's a bonafide first line center to go in between Nash and Zherdev, and Kopitar is a perfect fit. His future is kind-of murky, and Kopitar's a weird fit in Columbus as the Jackets usually have their picks in the line-up immediately, but he's definetely their best choice here. But, they're another team that could potentially trade down, and again it could be in an attempt to get Marc Staal.

    7.Chicago Blackhawks-RW Jack Skille
    Why? The Blackhawks are somewhat set at goalie, and they're even more set on defense. Tuomo Ruutu is physical, and I see them taking the physical Jack Skille to go along with him.

    8.Atlanta Thrashers-C Alex Bourret
    Why? They could use a Marc Staal on defense, and could also trade up for one of Brule, Kopitar, or Pouliot(can play center IIRC), but, they do lack a center, so I see them taking the skilled Bourret to solidify that position for the future.

    9.Ottawa Senators-G Carey Price
    Why? Ray Emery is a solid prospect, but they're pretty much set everywhere else. Emery might turn into an impact goaltender, but Price is a very good goaltender to go along with him.

    10.Vancouver Canucks-D Marc Staal
    Why? The Canucks don't have alot of great defense prospects, and haven't taken a defenseman in the first round since Bryan Allen in 1998, so Staal makes alot of sense. Could be another candidate to trade up, especially if it lands them Vancouver boy Gilbert Brule.

    11.Los Angeles Kings-RW Martin Hanzal
    Why? They're set on defense somewhat, and probably won't take Tukka Rask now, although I could see them trade down for him. Anyway, even though they've taken 4 forwards in the first round in the last two years, I see them taking the skilled Hanzal to go with Brown, Tambellini, Boyle, and Tukonen.

    12.San Jose Sharks-C Marek Zagrapkan
    Why? Zagrapkan could end up being a very skilled player, possibly one of the better talents in the entire draft, but he could also end up busting. The Sharks, though, have taken gambles before, as seen in the past few drafts, and I see them rolling the dice on Zagrapkan.

    13.Buffalo Sabres-D Luc Bourdon
    Why? Buffalo has gone forward in the draft lately, and could really use a physical defenseman, and Bourdon is a good fit for them.

    14.Washington Capitals-D Ryan Parent
    Why? They could use a center for Ovechkin, but I see them instead shoring up the defense with the very solid Parent.

    15.New York Islanders-D Brian Lee
    Why? Lee did well this year, making the US WJC team over top American Jack Johnson, and the Islanders are a perfect fit, with an apparent need for defense.

    16.New York Rangers-RW Niklas Bergfors
    Why? They could really use some good scoring prospects, and I see them going with the solid, but somewhat undersize Bergfors.

    17.Phoenix Coyotes-RW Guillame Latendresse
    Why? I remember the time it was debatable who would go second to Crosby, Brule or Latendresse, and I'm sure Gretzky remembers too. He's still doing decently, and by some people is going around or in the top 10, so I don't see them letting him slide any further.

    18.Nashville Predators-C Ryan O'Marra
    Why? He's a very solid prospect, and many may wonder why I have him slip this far, and it's mainly because of his biggest strength. Other teams decide to take a gamble with their picks, as many of them wouldn't have had that high of pick anyway, and decide they can take a chance. But I see Nashville take the solid prospect to go along with guys like Radulov, Upshall, and Shishkanov.

    19.Detroit Red Wings-LW Kenndal McArdle
    Why? With Bredan Shannahan likely leaving in the near future, I see them drafting a decent replacement for him in McArdle. Many of their prospects and young guns at forward aren't all that physical, so McArdle is also a very good fit.

    20.Philadelphia Flyers-RW Devin Setoguchi
    Why? The Flyers have many good prospects in the organization, so I see them taking a gamble on Setoguchi, hoping he can rid his inconsistancy issues.

    21.Toronto Maple Leafs-G Tukka Rask
    Why? Eddie the Eagle could soon be retiring, and Tellqvist hasn't done a whole lot to make him seem like a suitable replacement. Rask was once thought to be ahead of Carey Price, so I see the Leafs taking the other top goalie.

    22.Boston Bruins-D Jakub Kindl
    Why? They could use some defense, especially if Gonchar bolts, so I see them picking up Kindl.

    23.New Jersey Devils-C Andrew Cogliano
    Why? There may be some uncertainty on defense, but Lou Lams is probably confident he can bring the UFAs back, so I see them taking the solid center.

    24.St.Louis Blues-D Matt Lashoff
    Why? They traded Shawn Belle for goaltending help, and have a good forward core, so I see them taking the defenseman Lashoff.

    25.Edmonton Oilers-D Brendan Mikkelsson
    Why? They could really use some defense, even with Woywitka and Bergeron, so I see them going with Mikkelsson.

    26.Calgary Flames-C Chris Durand
    Why? They could use some center depth, and the playmaker Durand is a great fit. Being a WHLer doesn't hurt.

    27.Colorado Avalanche-D Scott Jackson
    Why? With the Morris and Skoula trades, and the possibility of losing Adam Foote, on top of not having alot of defensive prospects, they really could use a defenseman, and Jackson is a perfect fit.

    28.Dallas Stars-D Ryan Stoa
    Why? They are another team that could really use a defenseman, so I see them going with the very solid Stoa, who could be a steal for them at this point.

    29.Florida Panthers-D Risto Korhonen
    Why? They have drafted a few forwards lately, and could really use a defenseman to go along with J-Bo, so I see them taking the best available in Korhonen.

    30.Tampa Bay Lightning-G Ondrej Pavelec
    Why? There is some major uncertainty with Khabbibulin, so I see them going with the wildcard in Pavelec, who could potentially be a huge steal at this point for them.

    Well, thar she be. Flame away!
  2. Nice draft.
    I think your analysis would be improved if you talked about the positional depth of younger players, rather than the older guys like Shanahan.
    I mean, Newspaper reporters do that all the time, to because they know that more Red Wings fans know of Brendan Shanahan than Andreas Jamtin.

    But if the Wings draft McCardle, it has less to do with Shanahan than the utter lack of prospects and good young players on the wings.
  3. gameface

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    Excellent effort!

    I continue to hope that the Canucks have the option of Skille, Staal or Bourret. I haven't seen Bourret going as high as you have him, but it does make sense; if he was 6'1", he'd be the second or third overall pick.

    I haven't been keeping up the last few days on potential trade movement and wasn't aware that so many teams were interested in Staal.
  4. The Mighty Duck Man

    The Mighty Duck Man R-E-L-A-X

    Jul 29, 2003
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    I agree with the last statement, and since Atlanta's invested in a few undersized players, and in the case of a guy like Marc Savard, it really paid off, so I see them really liking Bourret.
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