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  1. Would anyone happen to know if teams hold orientation sessions for new players or recent draftees? The purpose of such sessions would be to address employment expectations, code of conduct, team policies, etc.

    If you can think of any other topics of conversation for the purpose of an employee orientation program for NHL players, could you please list them below. i will follow later with what I have written down.
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    An interesting, non-CBA related question (which is refreshing!), so I did some searching and only found one article mentioning a team bringing together prospects/rookies for something other than a training camp: Penguins article - July 2003

    Couldn't find anything local about what the Bolts do for prospects/rookies.

    I would think that teams must address these types of issues, but maybe they just don't publicize it? :dunno: The NBA & NFL seem to do this on a league-wide basis: NBA Rookie Transition Program, NFL Rookie Symposium
  3. Sotnos,
    Thank you for the links to the NBA and NFL programs. Those can be very valuable tools for the project I am working on right now.
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