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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by 04' hockey, Dec 10, 2004.

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    Next year open the doors for hockey players, that simple. I'll go, had a great time at a Phantoms game 3 weeks ago, players played hard.
    Amused at the quotes from Flyers player rep Esche in todays Philly newspaper "If we want to play, we're going to do it this way. These are our opinions and beliefs".
    Well.....Bob, it's not the players call here, believe it or not. If you don't like the current and future CBA then do something else, just like the rest of us are told at our places of employment.
    Whatevers on that plate they pass around at the NHPLA strategy sessions is really fogging thier sense of reality.....
    The NHLPA needs new leadership and direction(Goodenow), this last proposal does NOTHING to prevent the SAME problems SOON down the road.
    Start it over next season, see who really wants to play, make a decent living.....there's gonna be a lot more players than anybody thinks. :D
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