Stars GM calls out his team

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by RedWingsLegacy, May 3, 2011.

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    The stars have not shown up anywhere each game one line shows up for the game and the rest decide they going to slack off. Once again questionable reffs were around first game two goals were called off today many questionable calls were made. GM Niece had this to say " I don't know what it is our big players aren't playing big our defensemen aren't shutting them down and the goaltending don't even start with kipper has been horrible and the refs are even worse". Down two games the stars better get something going or jobs are on the line including kipper who has been a disappointment all year
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    Hehe. I even told you in advance with you taking so many penalties I was going to make sure my PP guys were rested and was going to try and make you pay that way (3 for 6 on the PP today).

    It doesn't hurt King Henrik has stood on his head in both games either. It's hard to believe that with his performance he's only got the 4th best goaltending numbers so far (Bryzgalov .964, Howard .963, Quick .962 ... yikes!)

    If it's any consolation we're heading back to Detroit where the Wings have had a poor record. No matter what Sim or version we use Detroit has consistently been better road warriors than at home so who knows what will happen in the next two.
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