Sports Illustrated Presents: Team Canada 2002 Commemorative Issue Questions

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by MetalheadPenguinsFan, May 11, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    So the other day I snagged a hardcover copy of Sports Illustrated Presents, commemorating Team Canada's 2002 Olympic hockey gold medal victories in both men's and women's hockey off of Ebay in near mint condition.

    It's called "Sports Illustrated Presents: Good As Gold" and looks like this:


    Since each copy is numbered and limited edition, I was just wondering how rare these hardcover editions of the Team Canada 2002 commemorative SI magazine are? Has anyone ever seen these? If so I was primarily wondering just how many of these hardcover copies were published? I.E. 50,000???

    The copy I have is number 00441.

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