Should kids hockey be run as a business?

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by YellHockey*, Dec 7, 2004.

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    The largest hockey organization, the Greater Toronto Hockey League, seems to be more focused on money then on developing players.

    From Slam Sports / Toronto Sun:

    From Toronto Star - the Ugly Side of Minor Hockey:

    There are a whole bunch of stories on the mess that is the GTHL at this page of the Toronto Star.

    Could the skyrocketing cost to play in the GTHL be the cause for the lower representation of the OHL at the World Juniors camp?
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    i coach and ref highschool inline hockey, and thoug its inline, i feel that for this answer it is similar, the kids come first. I mean you can only do as many things as your leagues budget allows for, but it should not be run to make money
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