Sharks Looking to be first ever TEAM to recieve Lady Byng

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by 91, Dec 4, 2005.

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    After 2 games in this young season the Sharks have taken only 1 penalty. You might say it is lack of aggressive forechecking, or maybe a passive defensive style. I say its a vast knowledge of the new NHL rules. "We are just trying to keep ourselves in the game by not taking any stupid penalties" says Peter Forsberg in a post game interview from the Shark tank after a 2-2 tie with the Bruins. After a disappointing loss in the first ever Brock University Bowl to Brock Otten's Panthers, the Sharks were looking for a solid 60-minute effort against the Bruins at home. The first two periods showed a lackluster effort on behalf of the Sharks but a solid 3rd period performance gave the Sharks a chance. "Both goalies kept their team in the game and gave them a chance for the win, but no one could capitilize" said Scott Neidermayer. Marty Turco of the Bruins was especially impressive the overtime period making the only 4 stops for both teams. The Sharks will now look to the future, more specifically the Hurricanes as they look for their first win of the season tomorrow in Carolina. Hopefully jet-lag won't be a factor.
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