Sabres ready to make sacrifices after losing 5th straight game

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Chuzwazza, Mar 26, 2007.

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    5 Losses in a row. its about as far from the steam train that was the Sabres only a week ago. The team has slipped from being in control of the east to struggling to hold onto home ice advantage, and GM Joshua Pitt is baffled by the turn in fortune.

    "I can't work it out." only two things have been done or said since then. Its rediculous."

    The two things Pitt is talking about is of course the berard trade, which drew the wrath of a few GM's (the team is coincidentally 0-5 without him while the Senators are 3-1) and the ensuing spat that came from it. A few harsh words were exchanged...nothing that seemed dramatically over the top, but when words were thrown back, it might have angered the karma gods.

    "I'm about ready to sacrifice chickens here." Pitt said. "Anything to get this team back on track. Yeah i had harsh words with Drew (Niece) and a few of the senior Gm's around, but given the work that they do around the league (for which we all are grateful for) the powers that be might have seen to knocking us down a peg. The sim she is a nasty beast, and one that can bring joy and pain in a matter of days. I am just baffled how a team that obliterated every goalie in the league for 2-3 weeks straight can suddenly lose 5 games in a row and 6 of 7. And now we've lost Patrick (Marleau). It's not getting any easier."

    Rumour has it that the team may be changing jerseys to their cup winning colours from last year in an attempt to shake the demons, but it seems even that is clutching at straws. How is this team going to deal with such a crisis? only time will tell.

    Thats all...for now...and remember...NO MORE SLUGS!!!

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