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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Chuzwazza, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Moments ago, General manager Joshua Pitt of the World Champion Buffalo Sabres officially announced the arrival of new AGM Cohen Simpson. Simpson, who had cut his teeth working with both the New York Jets and Boston Celtics apparently decided that the challenge of the HFNHL was too tempting to resist, especially when given the opportunit to join the defending HFNHL Champs.

    "We're pleased to have him on board." Pitt said. "He was shortlisted for the Coyotes job, and we'd have understood if he took the opporunity to run his own organisation, but as fate would have it, things turned out quite well for us. I know him from way back in his early GM days, and am looking forward to giving him a crash course in the intricacies of our league. The GM part will come naturally."

    Thats high praise from someone who took the HFNHL's worst franchise only 4 seasons ago to a Stanley cup. 1 year faster than originally promised when he took over. So what did the new AGM have to say for him self?

    "I'm trully honoured to be engaged with such a professional and ullimately successful organisation. Yeah, i think that'll do it... To the pub!"

    It seems that eerybody that has run a boston based franchise likes the occasional trip to the local tavern. Perhaps Gm Rob Krueger has found himself a new drinking buddy?

    So what about the rumours that Pitt may be stepping down from the Sabres to start looking for another pet project, much like Phoenix's situation?

    "Depends on how much they're going to pay me!" Pitt joked. "Seriously, I'm loving it here. This is just a great place to work, and the team is so fun to be around. I've obviously looked after ownership when it comes to the bottom line, so I think i'm safe there, and winning a cup is a feat that many in this league may go their entire lives without achieving it. I love the thrill of rebuilding a franchise and moulding it in your own way, but a place like phoenix is too hard right now, especially given that's been my entire focus for the last 4 years. I won't rule it out in the future, but fow now it's the furthest thing from my mind."

    Well there you have it folks...a new deputy is in town, and hopefully that will lead to more trophy's in that newly built sabres cabinet, along with the few awards that the team expects to pick up in the end of season awards ceremony.

    That's all...for now

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    Welcome aboard, Mr. Simpson!

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