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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Jazz, Dec 7, 2004.

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    Anyone interested in hearing Ray Ferarro's take on the recent developments, he was on his weekly slot on Vancouver radio last night. He talks about the recent developments - the upcoming meetings, why he distrusts the owners revenue figures, etc

    To access the interview:
    • Go to http://www.cknw.com/audiovault/audiovault.cfm
    • Select "MON DEC 6" under date: and "10pm" under hour and hit "GO".
      Windows Media player will open up.
    • Adjust the scroll on the bottom to "17:20". He's on there every Monday

    On this show, they have had both Ferarro (with a player's-leaning view) and Brian Burke (with an owner's-leaning view) each week since September. Next Monday, both will be in studio debating the issues together.
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