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Discussion in 'EA Sports NHL' started by Ched Brosky, Oct 18, 2018.

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    To start this off I want to say I’m pretty pleased with the overhaul EA has done to their nhl rating system. Still some issues with how they view declining players, but the base is good. They even finally started giving players who are fast good skating attributes whilst removing the good skating attributes on slower players.

    I remember in nhl 17 and prior Boucher was 85+ skating stats while his biggest knock was he was a below avg skater. Whereas Motte, whom is known as an above average skater, had around 83 stats. This has been fixed.

    Now what they need to work on is the AHL and aligning it with the CHL + euroleagues. The majority of AHL teams barely have guys below 68 ovr in the lineup whereas the CHL and Euro leagues are mostly 65-69 ovr. Here’s my idea on how they can remedy this so prospects can step in and not be out of place in the ahl off the bat.

    Buried nhlers/elite 1st year Euros: 76-78 ovr
    - these guys belong in the show so they should have comparable ratings to 4th line/bottom pairing guys.
    Example: Sam Gagner/Lawrence Pilut/Al Montoya

    Elite AHLers: 75/76 rating
    - these guys are the ones who always dominate the A but can never earn more than a cup of coffee in the nhl. Could also be buried NHLers who belong in the A. In line with the top rated players in the SHL and Liiga. Also in line with top prospect ratings.
    Example: Matt Moulson/TJ Brennan/Thatcher Demko

    Elite rookies: 74-76 rating
    These are guys transitioning from college or the CHL whom aren’t as proven as the older Euro players.
    Example: Drake Batherson/Kale Clague/illya samsonov
    *yes I know samsonov is not performing as of yet but small sample size.

    1st line/1st pair/starters: 72/73 rating
    -These guys are a step above but not good enough or rookies so they don’t deserve elite status yet.
    Example: Zach dalpe/Steffan Elliot/Jeremy Smith
    * left a 1 point gap between elite and 1st line players as I feel there should be some separation

    2nd line/2nd pair/1A goalies: 70/71 rating
    - these guys are just a step above the good prospects in the CHL. My reason for this is because most of the time, a good chl player takes a couple seasons in the ahl to become a good.
    Examples: Alex Grenier/Guilliame Brisebois/Richard Bachman

    3rd line/#4-5 tweener d/1B goalies: 67-68 rating
    - These guys are the career AHLers who have wont make the NHL but if they went to Europe would be amongst the avg.
    Examples: Joe Labate/Jalen Chatfield/Chris Gibson

    4th line/3rd pairing/backup: 65-66 rating
    These guys are fringe AHL guys who would be amongst the elite ECHL ratings. Also very comparable to good prospects graduating from the CHL to the AHL.
    Examples: Kale Kessey/Jamie Sifers/Jeff glass

    13th forward/7th damn/#3 goalie: 62/63 rating
    These guys fall in line with echl players as they are basically that.
    Examples: Carter Bancks/Jesse Graham/Tyler Parsons.

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