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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by CH Wizard, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. CH Wizard

    CH Wizard Guest

    I'm San Jose (in Bold) and Lascek re entered the draft ( it's a draft in a sim keeper league) 90 picks only cause we're 24 teams...I dont have more picks... I'm still very disapointed that Mcginn went one spot higher then my 4th round pick.

    1-Tampa Bay- Erik Johnson
    2-Hartford- Phil Kessel
    3-San Jose- Nicklas Backstrom
    4-Waschington (from New Jersey)- Jordan Staal
    5-Calgary (from Edmonton)- Derick Brassard
    6-Pittsburgh -Jonathan Toews
    7-Saint Louis -Michael Frolik
    8-Montreal -Jiri Tlusty
    9-San Jose (from Washington)-Bryan Little
    10-Long Island - Peter Mueller
    11-Calgary (from Ottawa) - Jonathan Bernier
    12-Chicago (from New York) - Kyle Okposo
    13-Toronto -James Sheppard
    14-Montreal (from Los Angeles)- Yuri Alexandrov
    15-Calgary - Bobby Sanguinetti
    16-Edmonton (from Chicago) Chris Stewart
    17-Winnipeg -Nigel Williams
    18-San Jose (from Boston) -Ty Wishart
    19-Vancouver- Cory Emmerton
    20-Los Angeles (from Buffalo) - Alexander Vasyunov
    21-Philadelphia -Francois Bouchard
    22-Minnesota -Ben Maxwell
    23-Tampa Bay (from Quebec)-Claude Giroux
    24-Detroit - Artem Ansimov
    25-St Louis (from Tampa Bay) -Mark Mitera
    26-Hartford -Michael Grabner
    27-San Jose - Patrick Berglund
    28-Winnipeg (from-New Jersey) - Nick Foligno
    29-Tampa Bay (from Edmonton) - Ivan Vishnevskiy
    30-Tampa Bay (from Pittsburgh) - Stanislav Lascek
    31-Saint Louis - Marek Biro
    32-Chicago (from Montreal) - Ben Shutron
    33-Washington - David Fischer
    34-New Jersey (from Long Island) - Trevor Lewis
    35-Ottawa - Tomas Kana
    36-New York - Riku Helenius
    37-Toronto - Michael Forney
    38-Toronto (from Los Angeles) - Jamie McBain
    39-New Jersey (from Calgary) - Niko Hovinen (random)
    40-Chicago - Bryce Swan
    41-Winnipeg - Ondrej Fiala
    42-Boston - Codey Burki
    43-Vancouver - Jesse Joensuu
    44-Toronto (from Buffalo) - Cal Clutterbuck
    45-Philadelphia - Semen Varlamov
    46-Calgary (from Minnesota) - Blake Geoffrion
    47-Winnipeg (from Quebec) - Leland Irving
    48-Tampa Bay (from Detroit) - Tony Lagerstrom
    49-Tampa Bay -Simon Danis-Pepin
    50-Detroit (from Hartford) -Bobby Hughes
    51-San Jose- Chris Summers
    52-New Jersey -Brian Strait
    53-Philly (from Edmonton) -Jan-Mikael Juutilainen
    54-Calgary (from Pittsburgh) -Joe Ryan
    55-Chicago (from Saint Louis) - Ryan Hillier
    56-Montreal - Carl Sneep
    57-Los Angeles (from Washington) - Luke Lynes
    58-Long Island - Dennis Persson
    59-Ottawa -Shawn Matthias
    60-Philly (from New York) - Mike Weber
    61-Toronto - Ryan White
    62-Tampa Bay (from Los Angeles) - Kevin Montgomery
    63-Calgary - Vladimir Zharkov
    64-Chicago - Riley Holzapfel
    65-Winnipeg - Jhonas Enroth
    66-San Jose (from Boston) -Nikolai Kulemin
    67-Los Angeles (de Tampa Bay)-Nick Pageau
    68-Hartford -Jamie McGinn
    69-San Jose -Oskar Osala
    70-New York (de New Jersey) -David Kveton
    71-Edmonton -michael carman
    72-Pittsburgh -Martin St. Pierre (random)
    73-Saint Louis- Ryan Flynn
    74-Montreal -MARCINKO, TOMAS
    75-Washington -Jonas Ahnelov
    76-Hartford (de Long Island)-BELESKEY, MATT
    77-Ottawa -Jeff Zatkoff
    78-New York -Valery Zhukov
    79-Toronto- Derrick LaPoint
    80-Philadelphia (de Los Angeles)-Benn Ferriero
    81-Calgary -Brady Calla
    82-New York (de Chicago)-Reto Berra
    83-Winnipeg- John Armstrong
    84-Boston- Tom Gilbert (random)
    85-Vancouver- David Ruzicka
    86-Buffalo -Todd Ford (random)
    87-Philadelphia- Robert Nyholm
    88-Winnipeg (de Minnesota)-Joe Palmer
    89-Minnesota (from quebec) -RAKHSHANI, RHETT
    90-Detroit -Sasha Golin
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  2. insider

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    Nov 14, 2003
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    Really like the Berglund, Osala and Summers picks... :clap:
  3. TerrieRizer*

    TerrieRizer* Guest

    Uh yeah, right, The Bruins have the #5 pick AND many other picks in the draft that you didnt give us. We have Edmonton's 2nd rounder yet somehow Edmonton trades that to someone else. You need to look at an actual draft list before throwing up mocks like this dude.
  4. Phenomenon

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    Jun 10, 2006
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    Bernier, Irving, Ehnroth and Varlamov - but not Helenius? No Joensuu in TOP 90?
  5. Hedberg

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    Jan 9, 2005
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    BC, Canada
    He's in a sim league with different teams
  6. CH Wizard

    CH Wizard Guest

    Updated, my bad i left out the picks from 35-45

    36-New York - Riku Helenius
    43-Vancouver - Jesse Joensuu
  7. Spetzky

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    9.3, you took lemons and made lemon pie!

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