Quiet deadline in Colorado

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Ville Isopaa, Mar 20, 2006.

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    With the moves of Cujo and White a few weeks ago, Colorado had little to move at the deadline. Talks about bringing in a winger to shorten the re-build time amounted to nothing, as did talks about moving team scoring leader Tyler Arnason. There were also some serious offers made to solve the goaltending, but just like the other moves, nothing came out of it. At the end of the day only one deal was concluded.

    In a deal with San Jose, Colorado aquired defenseman Jim Fahey who had spent the season in the HFAHL affiliate of San Jose. Going the other way is defenseman Stephane Robidas. Colorado also recieved Floridas 2nd rounder in 2006.

    GM Isopää was a bit dissapointed that some of the trades that were discussed didn't materialize, but the aquisition of Fahey and a pick for Robidas gave the day a positive swing. Fahey projects as a 6-7th defenseman for Colorado, but will have to battle for his icetime. While Robidas had a more important role on the Avs, he was far from irreplaceable. GM Isopää is now hoping to come out with a great draft again in 06 and start the move for a playoff spot with a full packed prospect list and a better financial status than in several years.

    In other news, Colorado offices will be closed until Sunday 26th due to a socuting trip to Turku, Finland to check out the local talents and to make fun of TPS who got kicked out of the playoffs yesterday.
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