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    100th years
    Does its ever happen that someone finish tie with someone of his team for Maurice Richard Trophy ?
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    That never happended since the Maurice Richard Trophy is awarded (1998). However, it happen that 2 teamates lead the league in goal scored before 1998, and, therefore, would have accomplished that.

    1936 : Bill Thoms & Charlie Conacher, Toronto Maple Leafs, 23 goals
    1955 : Maurice Richard & Bernard Geoffrion, Montreal Canadiens, 38 goals

    9 times times there was ties for the scoring title, 2 of them had 3 players sharing the award (1980, 2004).
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    Technically that's never happened, because the Rocket Richard has only been around since 1999. However, some players have tied their teammate for the lead league in goals.

    - Newsy Lalonde and Odie Cleghorn of the Montreal Canadiens both lead the league with 23 goals. They also finish first and second in scoring (Lalonde with 32 points and Cleghorn with 29).

    - Charlie Conacher and Bill Thoms of the Toronto Maple Leafs both lead the league with 23 goals. This is the 4th (of five) times that Conacher lead or co-lead the league in goals. Gretzky and Richard both led the league in goals five times; only Esposito (six) and Bobby Hull (seven) have led the league in goals more often.

    - Rocket Richard and Bernie Geoffrion of the Montreal Canadiens both lead the league with 38 goals (and Jean Beliveau finishes in 3rd place with 37 goals). Geoffrion won the Art Ross with 75 points; Richard was second with 74 points; Beliveau was third with 73 points. Interestingly, Richard was leading the league in both categories late in the season. However, after attacking an official, he was suspended for the rest of the season (this was the precursor to the "Richard Riot"). During the last three games of the regular season, Geoffrion passed Richard for the Art Ross trophy and tied him for the goal-scoring lead. Apparently Geoffrion was booed heavily for this by Montreal's own fans!

    Some close calls:
    - Boston's Cooney Weiland was first in the league with 43 goals and teammate Dit Clapper was second with 41 goals (in 1930)
    - Edmonton's Wayne Gretzky was first in the league with 73 goals and teammate Jari Kurri was second with 71 goals (in 1985)

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