Puck Possessed: visualizing hockey data/analysis in an understandable and enjoyable way

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    Apr 19, 2018
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    Hey guys,
    I thought I'd post some of the Puck Possessed issues I have been working on lately, and see if people are interested. My goal is to visualize hockey data and analysis in a way that general fans can understand and enjoy. I also want to make sure the comic style pages perk some interest from younger hockey lovers.
    My most recent issue is actually a static video analysis of a beautiful & smart goal, broken up in screenshots, but typically I actually analyse hockey data, chart it and then present the main message.

    View attachment 153195

    The versions that are based on the analysis of hockey data of a certain topic are interactive: users can select their own favorite player or team and see the publication's updated instantly.
    View attachment 153197

    All issues can be found on my website, and the interactive versions of the issues are on Tableau Public.
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