Predators hit rock bottom ... hopefully

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Fan.At, Jan 20, 2007.

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    Only 8991 spectators at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville were asking themselves if their team can fall any further. Entering the season, most fans were confident that there have been put a lot of improvments in place. After 8 games the Predators have only won one game, despite giving honest efforts every game. A glimpse at the team statistics reveals why there is only one win. During the first 8 games of the season the team only scored a mere 13 goals.

    "We play good defensively, we battle hard, we kill penalties, but we can not score that extra goal to tie or win a game." GM Kapfenberger said. "Obviously people do not like that, they are not coming to watch us."

    The revamped teams of the Western Conference have made life hard for the Predators. There are only few teams in the conference who are considered cannon fodder, but the Preds seem to have played themselves right into that position. "Lack of scoring goals is a weakness in our entire organization. We gotta adress that in the future. We are still a rebuilding team and we know we are not a contender yet, but you don't want to see a 1-7 record heading into the season. "

    However, there is still hope. The team is pushing it in every game, there are players on the team who are capable of scoring goals. Odds are that the wins will come with time and who knows what happens when a team which is that strong defensively goes on a roll....

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