Post the link to your league standings here!

Discussion in 'The Rink' started by Zetterberg4Captain*, Nov 17, 2004.

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  2. Crap the link does'nt work! To get to my standings go to and then go to links. Click on the top right hand corner link and there you will see a little box thing. Click on the down arrow and go to league standings. I play Bantam Non-Contact and my team name is the Redwing Bandits.
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    Here's our standings.

    That is all PG rec leagues, along with Quesnel, and now this year apparently Penticton as well....go figure!?! haha....I play for the UNBC Timberwolves in the Labatt Blue (Rec A) League. We are uhhh...currently in a bit of a slump you could say...haha...seriously sucking it up harshly, but it's still good times.

  4. Yeah. Good times.

    I gotta go ref a Novice game tonight. :banghead:

    No offence to those guys, they love the game, but they are also the kind of games I think younger officials should be brought in for in order to get experience and a little more pocket change than they're used to in minor hockey. It's quite the leap backwards from a Jr.A game last night. :dunce:
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