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Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by HeavyD, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. HeavyD

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    Feb 25, 2004
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    The brother thread got me thinking when someone said Sean Pronger was formerly a duck, I knew he had been on quite a few teams, but didn't realize he had spent less than 10 years on eight different NHL teams. Who else has played for that many or more diff. teams? A couple that come to mind are first round draft pick by the Canucks in 82 Michel Petit who I beleived played for 10 teams over 16/17 years? and maybe Kevin Miller who last played for the wings in 03/04, with about 9 different teams altogether. Anyone know the record?
  2. Hedberg

    Hedberg MLD Glue Guy

    Jan 9, 2005
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    BC, Canada
    10- Michel Petit (Vancouver, New York R, Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, Los Angeles,
    Tampa Bay, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Phoenix)
    10- JJ Daigneault (Vancouver, Philadelphia, Montreal, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, New York I, Nashville, Phoenix, Minnesota)
    10- Mike Sillinger (Detroit, Anaheim, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay,
    Florida, Ottawa, Columbus, Phoenix, St. Louis)
    9- Bobby Dollas (Winnipeg, Quebec, Detroit, Anaheim, Edmonton, Pittsburgh (2),
    Calgary, Ottawa, San Jose)
    9- Kevin Miller (New York R, Detroit (2), Washington, St. Louis, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Chicago, NY Islanders, Ottawa)
    9- Brent Ashton (Vancouver, Colorado, New Jersey, Minensota, Quebec, Detroit, Winnipeg, Boston, Calgary)
    9- Tony Hrkac (St. Louis (2), Quebec, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas (2), Edmonton,
    NY Islanders, Anaheim, Atlanta)
    9- Grant Ledyard (NY Rangers, Los Angeles, Washington, Buffalo, Dallas (2),
    Vancouver, Boston, Ottawa, Tampa Bay (2)
    9- Paul Coffey (Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Detroit, Hartford, Philadelphia,
    Chicago, Carolina, Boston)
    9- Jim Cummins (Detroit, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, Anaheim, NY Islanders, Colorado)
    8- Martin Rucinsky (Edmonton, Quebec, Colorado, Montreal, Dallas, NY Rangers (3),
    St. Louis, Vancouver)
    8- Carl Voss (Toronto, NY Rangers, Detroit, Ottawa, St. Louis, NY Americans, Montreal, Chicago)
    8- Larry Hillman (Detroit, Boston, Toronto, Minnesota, Montreal, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Buffalo)
    8- Gary Smith (Toronto, Oakland, California, Chicago, Vancouver, Minnesota, Washington, Winnipeg)
    8- Walt McKechnie (Minnesota, California, Boston, Detroit (2), Washington, Cleveland, Toronto, Colorado
    8- Chuck Arnason (Montreal, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Colorado, Cleveland, Minnesota, Washington)
    8- Phil Housley (Buffalo, Winnipeg, St. Louis, Calgary (2), New Jersey, Washington, Chicago, Toronto)
    8- Rob Ramage (Colorado, St. Louis, Calgary, Toronto, Minnesota, Tampa Bay,
    Montreal, Philadelphia)
    8- Mike Stapleton (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Edmonton, Phoenix, Atlanta, NY Islanders, Vancouver)
    8- Greg Hawgood (Boston, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Florida, Pittsburgh, San Jose,
    Vancouver, Dallas)
    8- Doug Crossman (Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, NY Islanders, Hartford,
    Detroit, Tampa Bay, St. Louis)
    8- Ken Hammond (Los Angeles, Edmonton, NY Rangers, Toronto, Boston, San Jose,
    Vancouver, Ottawa)
    8- Dan Quinn (Calgary, Pittsburgh (2), Vancouver, St. Louis, Philadelphia (2), Minnesota, Ottawa (2), Los Angeles)
    8- Ted Donato (Boston (2), NY Islanders (2), Ottawa, Anaheim, Dallas, Los Angeles,
    St. Louis, NY Rangers)
    8- Ron Tugnutt (Quebec, Edmonton, Anaheim, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh,
    Columbus, Dallas)
    8- Gerald Diduck (NY Islanders, Montreal, Vancouver, Chicago, Hartford, Phoenix,
    Toronto, Dallas)
    8- Stu Grimson (Calgary, Chicago, Anaheim (2), Detroit, Hartford, Carolina,
    Los Angeles, Nashville)
    8- Dallas Eakins (Winnipeg (2), Florida (2), St. Louis, Phoenix, NY Rangers, Toronto,
    NY Islanders, Calgary)
    8- Jim McKenzie (Hartford, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Phoenix, Anaheim, Washington, New Jersey, Nashville)
    8- Kip Miller (Quebec, Minnesota, San Jose, NY Islanders (3), Chicago,
    Pittsburgh (2), Anaheim, Washington)
    8- Igor Ulanov (Winnipeg, Washington, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Montreal (2), Edmonton (3), NY Rangers, Florida)
    8- Reid Simpson (Philadelphia, Minnesota, New Jersey, Chicago, Tampa Bay,
    St. Louis, Montreal, Nashville, Pittsburgh)
    8- Jarrod Skalde (New Jersey, Anaheim, Calgary, San Jose (2), Dallas, Chicago,
    Atlanta, Philadelphia)
    8- Nelson Emerson (St. Louis, Winnipeg, Hartford, Carolina, Chicago, Ottawa,
    Atlanta, Los Angeles)
    8- Benoit Hogue (Buffalo, NY Islanders, Toronto, Dallas (3), Tampa Bay, Phoenix,
    Boston, Washington)
    8- Jeff Norton (NY Islanders, San Jose (3), St. Louis, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Florida (2), Pittsburgh, Boston)
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  3. sparr0w

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    Apr 14, 2005
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    Sillinger is up to 10 as well.
  4. crump

    crump ~ ~ (ړײ) ~ ~

    Feb 26, 2004
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    In the old days Gary Smith moved around so much they called him Gary "suitcase" Smith. :biglaugh:
  5. Jordoe28

    Jordoe28 Registered User

    Sep 3, 2005
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    Thunder Bay
    Home Page:
    Ron Tugnutt: Quebec, Edmonton, Anaheim, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Dallas.
  6. Lowetide

    Lowetide Registered User

    Feb 27, 2002
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    I'm not going to remember the numbers correctly, but Arnason was known at one time for being the only guy who played for something like 8 teams in 9 NHL seasons. Incredible.

    Gary Smith was once traded for an injured goalie (Gerry Desjardins, Chicago). Oakland asked the league to reverse the trade, but Chicago ended up sending Gilles Meloche and someone else (probably Gerry Pinder or Paul Shmyr).
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