OT: NFL/Pepsi sponsorship details

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    New PepsiCo-NFL deal will ensure Gatorade is on the sidelines thru 2022 season. In 1968, Gatorade-NFL deal was worth $25,000.

    MicheleSteele Michele Steele
    Interesting part of NFL/Pepsi sponsorship: "a joint Innovation Task Force, which will develop new food and beverage concepts for fans"
    NFL: Pepsi/NFL execs will also think up hydration/nutrition ideas for players. 'Cammy Cam Juice ' may have a future yet
    Business is back in football: Pepsi spending more $ on NFL by adding Tropicana, Quaker to Gatorade, PepsiMax, Frito Lay as NFL brands
    All told, the Pepsi NFL sponsorship could cost company $2.4 billion over 10 years -- won't move stock but nice number for NFL
    Pepsi has league wide deals with MLB, MLS, NHL in addition to NFL-- but has deepest relationship w football, 5 categories total

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