Orlov or Jokiharju?

Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by The NHL Rant, Oct 11, 2018.

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    My defender categories:

    Goal: 2 points
    Assist: 1 point
    +/-: + or - 0.5 (so, defenders can be a point liability)
    Shot: 0.1

    Orlov is on a great team, is consistent but not exciting. He usually hits 30 points. Last season he only had 2 multi point games (2 and 3), in 82. On games where the Caps score lots of goals, he's typically still even in plus/minus.

    Jokiharju is a rookie on what is looking like a better team than expected. He's come out of the gate strong, and is on the top defence pairing and top power play. As a rookie D, consistency is a question, but he will likely be getting better deployment than Orlov comparing the depth charts of both teams and will have a chance to do more than 30 points this season.

    My league is a semi-keeper, you get 4 per year and can keep any player once only except rookies. If you draft or pick up a rookie from FA, you get to keep him for two years. The round you keep an FA at is determined by the month you pick him up. Because it's so early, if I drop Orlov and pick up Jokiharju, I would get to keep Jokiharju for two years running at the 15th round (of a 23 round draft).

    Orlov is my only droppable deferenceman. I'm leaning on making this move and taking the chance. If Jokiharju = Orlov, or even comes a little behind him in points, it would be worth it for the late round keeper.
  2. Kevin Musto

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    Jokiharju probably pots ~40 points this season barring any injuries
  3. kk

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    Taipei (from Manitoba)
    Joki, go with the upside. We know what Orlov is.
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